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“The Hydrogen Core” Made in Dalian Free Trade Area will March to the Whole Country
        On May 7, the Hydrogen Energy Project Signing Ceremony between Mingyuan Technology, Dalian Free Trade Area and Wuyi Development Zone Management Committee, Zhejiang was held in Dalian Free Trade Area, which not only symbolizes that “the hydrogen core” made in Dalian has officially marched to the whole country, but also means that the development of hydrogen energy industry in Dalian Free Trade Area has got important achievements. 
        According to the agreement, the first group of urban buses which carry the fuel battery power systems made by Mingyuan Technology and are modified by Mingyuan Technology will be put into commercial operation in Jinhua area, Zhejiang. It is expected that there will be more than 1,000 commercial vehicles carrying the “hydrogen core” fuel batteries made by Mingyuan in Zhejiang region in the coming three years.  
        Since its establishment, Dalian Free Trade Area has closely grasped the strategic opportunities of hydrogen energy development in China, formulated the development plan for the hydrogen energy industry and spared no efforts in setting up the industry in relation to hydrogen energy. 
        Next, Dalian Free Trade Area will promote the upgrade and transformation of fuel load-carrying vehicle, forklift, etc. into hydrogen energy automobiles, and will plan and build hydrogen stations, hydrogen energy mansion, hydrogen energy industrial park, hydrogen energy buses, etc. in the area, and spare no efforts in setting up “the hydrogen energy port”, so as to build Dalian Free Trade Area into the development highland of hydrogen energy eventually. 
        As a hi-tech enterprise established in Dalian Bonded Zone in 2016, Mingyuan Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. features a technology enterprise committed to the development of fuel battery power systems. In Aug. 2019, MY-MX400 series fuel battery power system independently developed by the company passed the comprehensive testing made by National Motor Vehicle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and its coral technical indexes like system power, loading properties, specific power density, etc. are in advanced level in the industry. On-the-spot road test has been successfully made for the first fuel battery heavy-duty car carrier vehicle in the world, which was researched and manufactured by the company in combination with the 18t-36t level fuel battery heavy-duty truck platform jointly developed by Sunrise Power Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Motor Corporation.