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License Issue after Seeing the Promise + Remote Guidance Promotes a Hong Kong Enterprise Settle Down in Dalian Area Instantly
        On April 27, the principal of Mingwei Fangtai Intelligent Equipment (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. got a brand new business license at the window of the Comprehensive Service Hall in Dalian Free Trade Area after waiting a minute.  
        As the first foreign-funded project with a registered capital of over USD 3 million in Dalian Free Trade Area this year, Mingwei Fangtai Intelligent Equipment (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. was invested and set up by Hong Kong Mingwei Inc. Due to the influence of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, competent authorities in the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has postponed the issue of authentication documents. However, it was urgent for Mingwei Fangtai Intelligent Equipment (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. to make registration, so as to sign contracts and pay the house rental. After knowing the actual difficulties of such enterprise, the Area Economic & Trade Cooperation Bureau, Administration of Market Regulation, Administrative Service Center, etc. immediately launched the response mechanism, and agreed to accept the application of Hong Kong Mingwei Inc. and issue the business license after it submitted the letter of undertakings. After competent authorities in the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region can issue the authentication materials, it shall complete relevant formalities additionally. At the same time, the Hong Kong enterprise also praised profusely on the remote guidance business provided by the hall of the free trade area, who thought the opening degree and working efficiency of Dalian Area were not inferior to that in Hong Kong. 
        In order to improve the experience of the masses during business processing and break through “the last one kilometer” in online application of enterprises, the Comprehensive Service Hall of Dalian Free Trade Area has initiated “one-to-one remote guidance business” on online free trade hall from Mar. 1 this year, that is to say, the hall requests all the window staff to immediately contact the applicants remotely at once and give guidance step by step until the final submission after they receive the first application in view of such actual problems encountered by the enterprises during online business processing course as incompletion of important documents, unfamiliarity with the flows and repeated rejection, thus greatly reducing the application rejection rate and online submission time, which has commonly received among the working staff of enterprises.