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“Application at Home, ‘Printing the License’ at Home and Operation at Home, the Business Environment of Dalian Free Trade Area is Upgraded once again.

Can you imagine that application at home, “printingthe license” at home and operation at home can be realized in Dalian Free TradeArea?

It’s an important measure that has beentaken in Dalian Free Trade Area to upgrade the business environment and service.


       HuanyuInternational Trade (Dalian) Co., Ltd. that was established recently wasregistered in Dalian Free Trade Area by internet. On that day, the companyprinted the scanned copy of the business license by logging in “the CorporationSpace” Website of Dalian Free Trade Area with the mobile phone number of thelegal representative as reserved and the verification code, so as to processbusiness matters like contract conclusion, etc. And then, the same company alsogot the Food Operation License by means of notification and undertaking. Thecompany has completed all the formalities in relation to registration andoperation without going out from establishment application, acquirement of thebusiness license to operation development.

        So convenientinvestment environment and high working efficiency benefits from “theCorporation Space” that was officially online in Dalian Free Trade Area a fewdays ago.


        “TheCorporation Space” of Dalian Free Trade Area was officially online on June 3this year, which covers all kinds of administrative service information inrelation to corporations, such as the data on business licenses, operationlicenses, regulation in process and afterwards, etc. For all the enterprisesregistered in Dalian Free Trade Area, their legal representatives can login inthe website with their phones in real names to retrieve or download relevantinformation, process relevantexamination and approval matters without going outand know the processing progress in a real time. “Application at Home, ‘Printingthe License’ at Home and Operation at Home” has come into reality.

       Similarly, differentfunctional departments in the free trade area can share relevant data and informationof enterprises in “the Corporation Space” for administrative examination andapproval, regulation in process and afterwards, etc. And it is unnecessary forenterprises to submit relevant materials once again.

       Taking HuanyuCompany as an example.The enterprise got the Food Operation License by means ofnotification and undertaking after it logged in and registered in “theCorporation Space”. Competent functional departments comply with the FoodOperation License Compliance Certification Norm and Compliance CertificationList,and a third company launched the compliance certification work. Under theconditions “without barriers and interference”, the company smoothly completedall the formalities for business registration and operation.   

       The opening of “theCorporation Space” in Dalian Area symbolizes that key progress has been made inthe data sharing with corporations as main forces. The enterprises within thearea can process affairs more efficiently and conveniently, go through relevantexamination and approval formalities without going out and know the processingprogress information in a real time. “Application at Home, ‘Printing theLicense’ at Home, and Operation at Home” has become a new fashion among theenterprises in Dalian Free Trade Area. 

       Meanwhile, thespecial administrative examination and approval seal of China (Liaoning) PilotFree Trade Zone Dalian Area Management Committee has been officially put intouse. The examination and approval can be made “in one department with a seal”in Dalian Free Trade Area, including total 176 examination and approval itemsrelating to the administrative functions and powers as handed over from theprovincial and city level and at district level.

       Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will continuously take internationally advanced level asbenchmark, further deepening the reform in “release, regulation and service”and make energetic efforts in creating the business environment that is firstclass at home and advanced in the world.