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“Examination and Approval at Extremely High Speed”! The 24-hour Online Examination and Approval Service was Open in Dalian Free Trade Area. On Such Night, the Applications Made by 85 Enterprises were Accepted.
        On June 17, the Comprehensive Service Hall of Dalian Free Trade Area launched the “24-hour” online examination and approval service. On the night of such day, the applications made by 85 enterprises online were accepted. The applications made by 40 enterprises were examined and approved instantly in a “standardized” way, including 12 enterprises applying for establishment and 28 enterprises applying for alteration. And the other 45 enterprises were guided to consummate their materials at the first time and make separate applications due to the problems existing in material preparation and submission.
        The 24-hour online examination and approval service adopts the “3+1” working shift system, i.e. 3 acceptance personnel plus 1 examination and approval personnel. By working uninterruptedly during the night, “full coverage” of the office hours is realized, thus making the examination and approval efficiency witness an increase of over 50%.  
        Up to now, the number of newly-added enterprises is 3,363 in Dalian Free Trade Area this year, accounting for 20% of the total enterprises that have been registered in the whole city. In average, 30 enterprises settle down in the free trade area each day.