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Dalian Free Trade Area Makes Innovations in the Commercial Legal Service System to Assist in Creating a Legalized Business Environment
        On July 10, Dalian Free Trade Area Management Committee, Dalian Justice Bureau and Dalian Lawyers Association signed the strategic cooperation agreement on jointly improving the commercial legal service level in Dalian Free Trade Area. 
        According to the agreement, the three parties will carry out close cooperation in commercial legal service, mainly including: 
        Setting up a notary organ that is more flexible in system and mechanism, enlarging the notarial business area, expanding the forms and patterns of notarial business and innovating working methods; 
        Setting up a high-level mediation team, giving full play to the role of commercial mediation in settling economic disputes, resolving social conflicts and promoting the harmony of the society;  Improving diversified resolution mechanism of intellectual property disputes, enhancing the protection in intellectual property, safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of the obligees, so as to provide a rapid and flexible channel to settle the disputes in relation to intellectual property;  
        Relying on the public legal service center to promote the connotation construction of public legal service and provide legal service for enterprises; 
Giving full play to the role of legal advisers and legal experts in consultation, demonstration and examination and approval guarantee, promoting the legal advisers to play an active role in formulating important administrative decisions and carrying out the administration by law.
        By taking the signing this time as opportunity, Dalian Free Trade Area will further provide important system guarantee, thus speeding the pace in boosting the construction of  the government under the rule of law and optimizing the business environment.