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The Three Areas in Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone has fully Enhanced the Exchange with and Drawn Successful Experience from Pilot and Advanced Areas, and Deepened the Opening to and Cooperation with Guangdong and Shanghai on Basis of Reality
        Drawing and popularizing successful experience in system innovation, focusing on key fields, organizing cadres to study and make investigations, introducing quality projects…… 
        On basis of the general orientation of Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone and specific orientation of each area, Shenyang Area, Dalian Area and Yingkou Area of Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone have enhanced the docking and bench-marking with pilot and advanced areas like the pilot free trade zones in Guangdong and Shanghai, etc., made exchange and drawn successful experience, jointly set up new format for opening and cooperation and endeavored to build Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone into a new engine to lead the reform and opening of the whole province. 
        Since Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone was put into operation in April 2017, Shenyang Area, Dalian Area and Yingkou Area have insisted on taking system innovation as core, regarding reproducibility and popularity as basic requirements, deeming highlighting Liaoning characteristics as working focus, made bold trials, explored courageously, reformed independently, studied, drawn and reproduced several system innovation experience in the pilot free trade zones in Guangdong and Shanghai, and introduced major projects from Guangdong like AMER Shenyang International Rare Valley, etc., injecting new power for the development of Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone. Under the framework of making energetic promotion in the docking, exchange and cooperation of such important strategies in the country as revitalization of the Northeast, Construction of Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, such three areas have further deepened their opening to and cooperation with Guangdong and Shanghai on basis of their respective development facts and construction targets.        

        On the basis that the trial tasks of the general scheme have been fully completed, Shenyang Area is now speeding its pace in promoting the construction of the upgraded pilot free trade zone. By studying and drawing successful experience and practices of Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone in setting up new system of open economy and forming new power energy for economic transition and development and new advantages in international competition, Shenyang Area has prepared the reform deepening plan to deeply promote the structure adjustment of the old industrial bases and carry out innovation trials in such important fields as opening to the outside, etc.; in terms of industrial cooperation, it has supported GREE, China Southern Airlines Maintenance Base,  ECHOM Design Valley, etc. that have been put into operation to enlarge investment, introduced VIPS and other important projects; in terms of industrial investment funds, cross-border e-commerce, technology enterprise incubation, etc., deep cooperation has been developed; Shenyang Port has been under planning and construction, energetic efforts have been put into the introduction of China Merchants Group, the multimodal transport regulation center of Shenyang Port Core Function Area is jointly built, so as to accelerate the pace in forming the new opening format to overlap the advantages of the pilot free trade zone and inland port and make interaction and integration. 

        Dalian Area has set up normal interactive relationship with Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, so as  to accumulate experience in exploring how to establish the management and operation mechanism that is more suitable for the development and construction of Dalian Area. In addition, dedicated cooperation has been made in such key areas as port clearance, industrial cooperation, financial innovation, talent cultivation and so on. Among them, by using the philosophy and practices during the construction of Shanghai International Finance Center for reference, the financial innovation work scheme of Dalian Area has been prepared; by drawing the innovation experience in Shanghai, Dalian Area took the lead in issuing the Norm on Administrative Determination of Subject Qualification in Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area. Meanwhile, practical cooperation among industries in such two areas has been deepened constantly, the project docking of “Shanghai-Dalian Interconnection” has been developed, so as to promote deep cooperation between such enterprises in Dalian Area as Dalian Port, Far East, Actech, Haijia, Huayi, etc. and such enterprises in Shanghai as SAIC, Fengshu, Seazen, Weima, China National United Oil Corporation, SIIC, etc. and realize mutual benefit and win-win. 

        By enhancing the docking with Shenzhen Qianhai Shekou Area, Yingkou Area has actively integrated itself into the National Pilot Free Trade Zone System Innovation Achievement Sharing Platform and Credit Cooperation and Exchange Platform, and continuously expanded its “friend circle” in Guangdong. By drawing successful experience of Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in regional coordination, industrial diversification and integrative development, Yingkou Area has prepared the Suggestions on Integrated Development of Regional Cooperation in Yingkou Area with high level, so as to promote the formation of “diversified synergistic effect” between Yingkou Area (Hi-tech Zone, Comprehensive Bonded Zone) and adjacent areas in policy convergence, function integration, passageway accessibility, industrial diversification and ribbon development.  By introducing the advanced practices of Dawan District in talent introduction and think-tank construction, Yingkou Area has untied talents by file sealing for safeguarding and public recruitment and explored how to set up Yingkou Innovation Development Research Institute, so as to create regional innovation highland and talent highland.  
        Information source: Liaoning Daily