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The Strategic Cooperation Agreement is Signed between New District and Bainianjiye
        (Reporters: Li Jingjing and Shao Kai) On the afternoon of June 22, the strategic cooperation agreement was signed between Jinpu New District and Bainianjiye (Dalian) Group Co., Ltd. According to the agreement, the latter will set up 8 projects in new district, including its headquarter base in China, a hospital of Grade A Class III attached to the medical college, the football university, etc., with a total investment of RMB 8.3 billion yuan. It aims to bring along culture innovation by resource integration, create a new carrier for the culture and sports industry, and further promote the development of the culture, sports and medical undertakings in new district. Member of the standing committee of Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Work Committee  and Director of the Management Committee in Jinpu New District Li Pengyu attended the signing ceremony. 
        According to the agreement, Bainianjiye (Dalian) Group Co., Ltd. intends to invest RMB 8.3 billion yuan to build 8 projects, involving multiple fields like medical treatment, education, headquarter base, etc., so as to bring along the development of relevant industries in new district.  

        It is expected that an investment of about RMB 0.6 billion yuan will be made to build the headquarter base of Bainianjiye in China and education and training school, including commercial office building, training and teaching building, student apartment, international conference center, training center, etc. It intends to choose Xiaoyaowan International Business Area as the site of the project. After completion, it will radiate and bring along relevant industries to gather in Jinpu New District rapidly, thus adding new power energy for regional development. It is planned to invest about RMB 1 billion yuan to build a hospital attached to Liaoning Medical University Medical College and apply for the setup of a hospital of Grade A Class III in Xiaoyaowan International Business Are (free trade area), with its operation mainly oriented to stem cell technology application, sports and rehabilitation treatment, high and new medical technology research, development and application, etc.; meanwhile, it is planned to invest about RMB 3.5 billion yuan to establish a  college independent from a full-time university that can hold 15,000 students - new campus of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Xinglin College. After completion, it will inject new energy for the development of the biomedical industry in new district and become a new engine to lead the development of the industries in relation to stem cells. It is planned to invest about RMB 1 billion yuan to set up 16 specialized football training fields and teaching buildings, training venues and relevant auxiliary equipment in Puwan Economic Zone to deal with football training and training for professionals in relevant industries, so as to highlight the advantages of Dalian as football city, extend the industrial chain and cultivate and create the development chain of the entire football industry. In addition, Bainianjiye (Dalian) Group Co., Ltd. also plans to carry out such projects as the transfer of Golden Pebble Beach Wenwu School and Dalian Model Art School, apartments for teaching staffs, Wanli Civilian Park, etc., so as to liquidize state-owned assets in Golden Pebble Beach, rapidly gather high-quality education resources, innovate school running philosophies and promote the innovation and development of the education industry in new district and free trade area.     

        The main investment businesses of Bainianjiye (Dalian) Industrial Development Co., Ltd. include education, bank, international market, financial investment, etc., and it takes higher education as its major investment direction. At present, the group company has invested 25 private universities and colleges in the country, including 2 private colleges for undergraduate and 2 private vocational colleges in new district. 

        Before the signing ceremony, Li Pengyu met the President of Bainianjiye Group Zhuang Yi. Li Pengyu said that with relatively sound development base, Bainianjiye (Dalian) Industrial Development Co., Ltd. had stronger internationalization and professionalism in school running philosophies. Jinpu New District paid more attention to the cooperation with Bainianjiye, and expected that Bainianjiye could give full play to its own features, make use of the policy advantages in the free trade zone, introduce quality resources at home and abroad, innovate school running philosophies, better integrate itself into the development of new district and leave the impression of Jinpu during its evolution process. Meanwhile, it was expected that both parties can take the signing as opportunity to deepen their cooperation and realize win-win. New district would make great efforts to provide considerate service and promote relevant projects  to be launched and settle down as soon as possible. 
        Zhuang Yi said that Jinpu New District possessed favorable business environment, and the group would combine its own advantages to further strengthen the deep docking with new district, make every effort to promote the quality, innovative and characteristic development of private education, build Bainianjiye into a bigger and stronger enterprise and contribute more to the development of the education cause and economy in new district.  
        Leaders in new district and function area including Liu Aimin, Lu Dongsheng, Cong Jun, Liu Jinhong, Zhao Dong and Wang Jie attended the meeting and the signing ceremony.