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Attaching Great Importance in Both Epidemic Prevention and Development, Dalian Free Trade Area Launched Innovative Measure - “Online and Offline” Interconnection Service Direct Contracting Filing
Doing well in epidemic prevention and control is an indispensable and demanding task
Making efforts in production and promoting development is an absolute principle 
        A few days ago, under the precondition that  epidemic prevention was carried out well, Dalian Free Trade Area attached great importance in both epidemic prevention and control and economic development, and made an overall plan in epidemic prevention and control and various work in relation to economic and social development. With the demands of enterprises as orientation, it has launched new measures - “online and offline” interconnection service direct contracting filing, further consummating the administrative service system that is integrated online and offline in Dalian Free Trade Area.   
        In the light of the actual demands whether the processing formalities can be gone through offline once and for all for direct contracting filing of the houses and buildings invested by non-state-owned capital and municipal projects as raised by some enterprises, Dalian Free Trade Area has simplified 10 materials necessary for direct contracting filing before into such four materials as “the Application Form”, “Business License”, “Qualification Certificate of the Contractor” and “Qualification Certificate of the Person in Charge of the Project from the Contractor”.  
        Enterprises can submit materials by such means as freight payment at destination, transfer via network, etc., so that project filing can be completed in one day. On current day, the Contracting Letter can be taken directly, or be sent by direct mailing free of charge. At the same time, enterprises can submit materials via the online platform of Liaoning Construction Project Information Website, and go through relevant formalities according to the direct contracting filing business flow published online. Such measure has better innovated the service mode of “directing contracting filling without outgoing” and “independent selection online and offline”. 
        Since this year, Dalian Free Trade Area has exerted itself to create a market-oriented, legalized and internationalized business environment, continuously perfected and optimized the new mode of administrative examination and approval and regulation “without barriers and interference”. It has successively taken 176 innovative measures, such as “one-stamp examination and approval” for items necessary for administrative approval, 24-hour online examination and approval, “legal representative space”, etc. When an enterprise applies for registration, “second approval” has been realized, and “online application”, “instant examination and approval”, “intelligent identification”, “ready while waiting” and “self-service license printing” have become new normal conditions, with favorable economic and social benefits.
        Up to now, 40 projects are under progress, each of which has a total investment of over RMB 5 million yuan, with a total investment of RMB 10.98 billion yuan. Among them, there are 19 projects with a total investment of over RMB 1 billion yuan each, the total investment of which amounts to RMB 10.26 billion yuan. 18 projects with a total investment of over RMB 0.1 billion yuan each are reserved for future use, the total investment of which  amounts to RMB 10.11 billion yuan.