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Another Favorable Policy has been Published! Dalian Free Trade Area Took the Lead in Initiating the Bonded Exhibition Business for Parallel-import Cars across Customs Areas in China
        In order to cope with the influence caused by the epidemic and promote the parallel-import car business, on basis of the principle of early and pilot implementation and risk controllability, Dalian Free Trade Area has taken the lead in initiating the bonded exhibition business for parallel-import cars across customs areas in China.   
        The bonded exhibition business for parallel-import cars means that the parallel-import cars are allowed to transported out of the special supervision area of the customs for bonded exhibition under the precondition that the supervision requirements of the customs are met, thus realizing the transaction mode that the clients see the cars and place orders in the exhibition hall of the city and  get the cars at the site of the port. 
        Due to the influence of such factors as the epidemic, etc. this year, the parallel-import car business decreases sharply, and the operation of enterprises is in a dilemma. Therefore, oriented to the demands of enterprises and by analyzing the policies and innovating the tax guarantee mode, Dalian Free Trade Area Management Committee and Dayaowan Customs have jointly taken the mode of tax  guarantee insurance as guarantee, so that enterprises can carry out the bonded exhibition business for parallel-import cars across customs areas by only paying a extremely small amount of insurance premiums to the insurance company. Such measure has not only stimulated the promotion and sales of the parallel-import cars in the regions outside the pilot free trade zone, but also greatly reduced the operation costs of enterprises and provided policy support for the healthy development of the parallel-import car business.   
        Taking Range Rover SUV transported from Dalian Bonded Port to the exhibition hall located in Jichang Road, Chengdu for exhibition as an example, the sales price of the car on the market is about RMB 1.3 million yuan, the comprehensive tax rate is  47.67% and the,taxes amount to about RMB 366,000 yuan. If it is guaranteed in the form of cash deposit, the enterprise shall pay RMB 366,000 yuan; however, if it is guaranteed in the form of tax guarantee insurance, the enterprise only needs to pay the insurance premiums for an insurance period of two months  to the insurance company, i. e. RMB 644.00. When the car is sold actually, the enterprise pays the taxes in arrears. 
        The initiation of the bonded exhibition business for parallel-import cars across customs areas this time has not only extended the bonded exhibition function of parallel-import cars into inland regions and promoted the consumption of parallel-import cars into a new stage, but also effectively boosted the linkage development between inland and ports, with positive influence on promoting the construction of Dalian Northeast Region Automobile Allocating Center.