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A Letter to All the People in the City
Dear citizens, 
        On July 22, new confirmed cases of COVID-19 appeared in our city. After the epidemic occurred, General Secretary Xi Jinping paid great attention to it, and has made important instructions for many times; Premier Li Keqiang made important comments; Vice Premier Sun Chunlan led relevant leaders and experts of competent ministries and committees of the country to Dalian to make investigations and guide the epidemic prevention and control on the spot; major leaders of the provincial Party committee and provincial government made instructions and arrangement, and dispatched and directed at site; the working group of the provincial government conducted supervision at the prevention and control front, fully reflecting the care and concerns of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, State Council, provincial Party committee and provincial government to the people in Dalian. The state, the province and fraternal cities have sent medical expert groups as well as NAT, epidemiological survey and sterilization teams at the first time, rushed to our city for epidemic prevention and control, which has increased our confidence in absolutely winning this epidemic prevention and control action.   
        The epidemic is order, and prevention and control is responsibility. The municipal Party committee and municipal government initiated the emergency response at the first time, and have well carried out various kinds of work in a strict and rapid manner, such as troubleshooting, screening, NAT, medical rescue, isolation and control, material supply, etc. Vast medical personnel have charged in the front, the cadres at the grass-roots level, community workers, property service personnel and volunteers have held fast in the forefront. Relevant units, enterprises and employees worked overtime and made contributions to fully guarantee the orderly running of the city. Vast citizens have the cardinal principles in mind and take the overall situation into account, who have spared no efforts in cooperating various kinds of prevention and control work, stayed at home and reduced outgoing of their own will, made sound protection, cooperated the test, provided service voluntarily and made contributions. In the war without smoke of gunpowder, the excellent quality of Dalian citizens has been fully demonstrated. We’d like to show our lofty respects to the comrades fighting bravely in different epidemic prevention and control fronts, and express our sincere sympathy and heartfelt gratitude to vast citizens who have taken the initiative in taking part in the epidemic prevention and control. 
        The understanding and support of the masses is the firmest stronghold. To find the flaws in the epidemic prevention and control again, enhance focal prevention and control points and carry out the prevention and control requirements once again cannot be done well without the positive cooperation of vast citizens.  We hope that vast citizens can all take actions, and all the families can take part in the prevention and control,  complete the NAT in perfect order according to the prevention and control requirements, actively make self-protection, pay attention to the environmental and personal sanitation, reduce outgoing activities as much as possible, avoid participating in gatherings and group activities, report relevant conditions punctually and positively, don’t believe rumors or spread rumors, and jointly safeguard our beautiful homeland.  
        Dear citizens, we firmly believe that we can absolutely win if all of us unite in one purpose. We can overcome any difficulty if we concentrate efforts. We further believe that under the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party with Comrade Xi Jinping as core, all the people in the city will unite like a fortress and help one another, we are bound to strive for the victories in this epidemic prevention and control action.    
Municipal Party committee, municipal government 
July 29, 2020