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With an Investment of RMB 150 million yuan, Deppon Liaoning Headquarters Wisdom Industrial Park Project Has Started Construction in Dalian Free Trade Area
        Days ago, Deppon Liaoning Headquarters Wisdom Industrial Park Project covering 52 hectares with an investment of RMB 150 million yuan commenced construction in Dalian Free Trade Area. This is the first headquarters base project invested and constructed by Deppon Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Deppon Holdings”) of Ningbo Meishan Bonded Port Zone in Northeast China, and also the largest wisdom industrial park project of that company in the northeastern region, the project will be committed to providing all-round supply chain logistics service for Liaoning Province and even the whole northeastern region, combine  Internet with traditional industries to build a modern service ecosphere and perfect Internet, logistics service. It is known that this project is also the second project over RMB 100 million yuan started since the legal institutional reform in Dalian Free Trade Area for more than one month, highlighting the new changes and high efficiency brought by the system and mechanism reform of Dalian Free Trade Area. 
        Deppon Logistics Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary under Deppon Holdings, is the first express delivery company listed through IPO examination in China, with 27,000 service outlets worldwide, 180,000 employees, more than 2 million square meters transshipment area and revenues of RMB 25.922 billion yuan in 2019. Liaoning Headquarters Wisdom Industrial Park Project is an important strategic node for Deppon to accelerate the national strategic layout, promote the development of emerging industries, promote industrial innovation, drive enterprise upgrading in operation, support the development of modern service industry and lay out in Northeast China. The Liaoning Headquarters Wisdom Industrial Park Project started this time covers "a headquarters and five centers", namely, Liaoning Headquarters Digital Wisdom Park, Financial Settlement Center, Cross-border and E-commerce Comprehensive Service Center, Technological and Intelligent Equipment R & D Center, Wisdom Digital Sorting Center, Deppon University Liaoning Branch. It strives to build an all-round logistics supply chain warehousing network of Deppon serving the northeastern region and radiating to the whole country. 
        Liaoning Headquarters Digital Wisdom Park - It will cover an area of 78 mu for construction of a wisdom, safe and green modern park, providing high-quality, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental-friendly office space.
        Financial Settlement Service Center - Professional financial institutions are provided to form diversified asset management services including cross-border transaction, supply chain finance, consumer finance, inclusive finance and industrial financing in combination with the advantages of Deppon Ecosphere, so as to realize cross-border settlement, tax settlement, fund allocation and other functions.
        Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Service Center - The center covers an area 5,000 square meters to build a one-stop cross-border e-commerce ecological chain and service chain, provide upstream and downstream customers with comprehensive cross-border e-commerce services such as logistics warehouse allocation, customs clearance, order management, financing and adjustment and e-commerce management.
        Technological and Intelligent Equipment R & D Center - Rely on the talent and technological advantages of Dalian, the R&D team, high-tech enterprises, colleges and universities to jointly make R & D investment for practical application in artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, block chain and other technologies to drive operation through technology and drive technological innovation through operation.
        Wisdom Digital Sorting Center - Input automatic sorting equipment for small, big mails being the most advanced in the industry to establish intelligent digital monitoring center, big data analysis center, early warning command center to meet group regional express mail distribution, efficient sorting and distribution for the last one kilometer, realize goods transit and linkage in the group region and various national economic regions.
        Deppon University Liaoning Branch - Covering an area 500 square meters, it will bring together a large number of excellent lecturers and training courses to provide all-round training for employees from being on board, business skill upgrading, reserve promotion, etc., provide an important guarantee for management team output and at the same time provide such training services as enterprise management, talent management, e-commerce operation, etc. for the small and medium-sized enterprises around, build an enterprise communication and interaction platform.
        Dalian Free Trade Area is a combined sea and land transportation center in Northeast China, an important hub of economic and trade contact and cooperation with Northeast Asian countries, a bridgehead of Dalian, Liaoning and even Northeast China for opening up to the outside world and a core functional area of Dalian Northeast Asia international shipping center, international logistics center and international trade center. Recently, Dalian has just been named by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transport as "Dalian port type national logistics hub” city. Surrounding the national great strategic layout, Dalian Free Trade Area is giving full play to the functional advantages to speed up the forging and perfecting of 15 open functional platforms, including international transit pooling center, cold chain international distribution center, the multimodal transport comprehensive operation platform, Japanese and Korean cross-border e-commerce distribution center, etc., striving to achieve a new breakthrough in the accelerated building of an open industrial system. The landing of Deppon Liaoning Headquarters Wisdom Industrial Park Project will promote the comprehensive upgrading of Deppon’s cross-border, e-commerce and warehousing customers in FBA warehouse entry, international combined transportation, cross-border settlement and other aspects and enhance the global cross-border service capability of Deppon in cross-border distribution, warehousing, customs clearance, finance and other integrated service platforms. At the same time, it will further promote the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry and related platforms in Dalian Free Trade Area toward wisdom, digitalization and automation.