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The New Mode of Front Shop and Rear Warehouse, Global Purchasing without Leaving the Country—— Wanzhong Yuncang Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park is under Construction in Dalian Free Trade Area
        On November 8, Dalian's first cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service platform --- Wanzhong Yuncang Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park project commenced for construction formally in Dalian Free Trade Area. This is also an important demonstration project of Dalian Free Trade Area by making full use of the development opportunity of Dalian Jinpu New District obtaining approval of import trade promotion innovation demonstration zone to accelerate the cross-border e-business import goods collection center and cross-border e-commerce comprehensive distribution base construction, forge a cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service platform based on Northeast and radiating to the whole country. 
        Wanzhong Yuncang Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park is located in Dalian Free Trade Area’s export processing zone (comprehensive bonded zone), the project covers an area about 45 acres, plans to invest RMB 200 million yuan to build a 30,000 square meters cross-border commodity e-commerce industrial park, including cross-border commodity exhibition and transaction space of more than 10,000 square meters, which is currently the Northeast's largest cross-border experiencing complex being most complete in service and facilities. As planned, the whole project is to be completed in Oct. 2021. The project will give full play to the policy advantage of Dalian Free Trade Area and cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, the functional advantage of the bonded zone, utilize the international trade single-window trade facilitation platform to realize seamless docking for a series of links including cross-border commodity procurement and sales, payment and funding, warehousing and transportation, customs clearance and inspection application, adopt a mode of "front shop, rear warehouse" to forge "bonded, genuineness guarantee, quality guarantee" brand, allow consumers to enjoy brand new shopping experience of "global purchasing without leaving the country" with diversified, high-quality goods, prices lower than that from foreign special counters and a convenient shopping environment. It will become an experience center of numerous consumers buying international commodities and a transaction distribution center. 
        Dai Xiangqian, General Manager of Dalian Wanzhong Yuncang Technology Incubation Park Co., Ltd., has showed that the park is dedicated to save costs and expand sales channels for enterprises, forge for domestic and foreign traders a one-stop service platform providing goods exhibition, trade and communication. After completion, it will provide superior business services for domestic and foreign enterprises, comprehensively raise the influential power of Dalian in respect of national cross-border trade, play a role of building a nest to attract phoenix for regional business solicitation and investment attraction, add fuel to the fire for the development of regional tax and economy and international manufacturers’ landing in Dalian Free Trade Area for business promotion.
        Guan Jian, Deputy Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Dalian Free Trade Area, told the reporter that the cross-border e-commerce industrial park construction is a new form of foreign trade developed by Dalian Free Trade Area focally. It is intended to make full use of the functional advantage, location advantage of Dalian Free Trade Area to forge with efforts the cross-border e-commerce industrial park into a bridgehead for Japanese and Korean fine products entering into the Chinese market and a Japanese and Korean goods distribution center and allocation base, let the locals fully experience the reform dividends of the free trade zone.