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Domestic Initiative! Dalian Free Trade Area Has Launched a New Food and Drug Supervision Mode of "Commitment in Good Faith+ On-site Review + Remote Inspection"
        To further optimize the business environment, urge and promote enterprises to carry out the principal responsibility, the Management Committee of Dalian Free Trade Area aligns with the Market Supervision and Management Bureau of Jinpu New District to be led by "Internet + supervision", based on exploring credit supervision to in-process links, actively explore the practicing of autonomous supervision, create for the first time a new food and drug supervision mode of "commitment in good faith + on-site review + remote inspection" over the country.
        This innovative initiative has important demonstration and driving effect and positive practical exploration significance for promoting the establishment of a regulatory mode and a good faith concept meeting the needs of modern market system, creating a market atmosphere of operation in good faith and improving the efficiency of administrative supervision.
        The introduction of this innovative initiative is mainly based on the following two considerations:
        Firstly, innovate and explore solutions to the problems existing in the daily supervision work in the fields of food and drug, etc., so as to constantly perfect the supervision system. At present, the law enforcement in these fields is mainly on-site inspection and evidence collection by law enforcement personnel. Due to distance, time, cooperation degree and other reasons, the number of enterprises covered by a single group of law enforcement personnel per week is very limited. At the same time, on-site inspection not only needs to be accompanied by enterprise personnel, but also needs to change clothes and wear a set of disposable work clothes in some cases. This virtually increases enterprise operating costs and interferes with enterprises.
        Secondly, urge enterprises to fulfill their principal responsibilities and constantly explore the way to improve modern market governance capability for market supervision. Urging enterprises to carry out their principal responsibilities is one of the important contents in implementing the comprehensive supervision work and is the key to ensure the safety of food and drugs. The laws and regulations relating to "three products and one device" (food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices) all clearly indicate that enterprise is the first person responsible for food and drug safety, and stipulate related obligations thereof. Therefore, constant perfection of the prevention and control mechanism construction is needed to urge enterprises to establish and perfect a food and drug safety management system self-consciously, make the food and drug safety management system clear automatically, identify post duties, make a continuous self-improvement of the food and drug safety awareness and operation skills of employees, thus enhancing constantly their legal consciousness, responsibility consciousness and service consciousness.
        Based on the above two considerations, the Market Supervision Dept. of Dalian Free Trade Area, under the guidance of the Market Supervision and Management Bureau of Jinpu New District, has straightened out the important risk points in the fields of food circulation, food and beverage, drug retailing, etc., detailed relevant requirements, established a practically feasible normative inspection process and on this basis, introduced the new food and drug supervision mode of "commitment in good faith + on-site review + remote inspection".
        Commitment in good faith means that an enterprise carries out self-inspection and rectification around the risk points proposed by the regulatory authorities, and makes a written commitment in good faith to ensure self-conscious strengthening of its own construction, constant perfection of its own management, self-conscious implementing of various work requirements, ensures all safety measures to be put in place and ensures all operations are standardized and orderly. In case of any violation of the commitment, an enterprise will voluntarily accept punishment from the regulatory authorities and make a public apology to the society for its behavior.
        On-site review means that on basis of enterprise self-conscious rectification and voluntary commitment in good faith, the regulatory authorities, aligning with social third-party professional agencies, conduct inspection and acceptance according to the list of risk points item by item. Those enterprises passing acceptance will be subject to light constraint supervision mainly by remote inspection.
        Remote inspection means remote, non-contact checking with the help of Internet video tools. An enterprise provides corresponding qualification and documents, shows the processing operation process with marks left in the law enforcement process and related supervision files established.
        For general dishonest enterprises with minor behaviors against laws and regulations and hidden dangers found in remote checking, they are required to rectify timely, with an interview made for admonishment to strengthen warning education; for enterprises with obvious problems and breach of trust at a high level, daily supervision and "double random" spot checks will be strengthened to increase the frequency of law enforcement inspections; for enterprises with serious problems and serious breaches of trust, remote inspection will be replaced by on-site special inspection to strength urging and rectification. They will be put on the "blacklist" and made public, and relevant departments will be notified to implement joint punishments and have them included in the "key supervision list" for food and drugs. The production and operation activities related to food and drugs shall be restricted within a certain period of time, and those acting against relevant laws and regulations again will be given a heavier top punishment according to law.
        In the next step, Dalian Free Trade Area Management Committee and the Market Supervision and Management Bureau of Jinpu New District will constantly establish and perfect the new supervision mode of credit in-process supervision in combination with joint social governance, constantly strengthen the fundamental role of credit in supervision mechanism innovation, supervision capability improvement, etc. to achieve the market supervision goal that the market has vitality, the competition has a good order, the development has quality and the safety has a guarantee, constantly improve the level of market supervision governance system and governance capability modernization and the satisfaction of the masses.