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Both the Quantity and Cost of Engineering Construction Project Surveying Have Reduced to "Zero", and “All-in-one Survey” Has Been Realized in the Planning and Construction Field of Dalian Free Trade Area
        To further promote investment facilitation, deepen the reform of examination and approval system and improve the efficiency of surveying intermediary service and administrative examination and approval, Dalian Free Trade Area has recently launched in the field of engineering construction "all-in-one survey" innovative. In the future, every enterprise investing in Dalian Free Trade Area will have the topographic surveying in the early stage of project construction to the verification surveying in the acceptance and completion stage, etc. provided by a third party surveying unit entrusted by the government in the form of service purchasing. As a basis for enterprise's bid permission and acceptance examination and approval, it is not necessary for a project party to entrust all surveys required by construction work to any surveying intermediary service agency and pay any fee for this. After implementation of this initiative, the project construction will realize simplification of formalities, improvement of examination approval efficiency, sharing of data resources, shortening of surveying time, saving of surveying cost and at the same time the project cost and time cost of enterprises will be greatly reduced.
        Before implementation of “all-in-one survey”, a project has to go through relevant procedures in terms of land use examination and approval, land use supervision and project acceptance respectively with the government planning examination and approval department, and entrust surveying intermediary service agencies for more than 10 items of surveying work, including land parcel and cadastral investigation, current topographic map surveying, house property surveying, etc. Enterprises also need to pay RMB 2~3 yuan/square meter for this. For a big project, it is often required to pay several hundred thousand to several millions yuan as surveying cost. After implementation of “all-in-one survey”, all procedures and processes of a project party in this aspect will be handled by the government of Dalian Free Trade Area. The government will select surveying service agencies being high in quality and cheap in price through centralized purchasing, centralized entrustment, and entrust by way of service purchasing the same to provide early-stage topographic surveying data, underground pipeline surveying data, planning line setting out, cadastral investigation, acceptance stage completion planning verification surveying, land acceptance surveying, real estate surveying and other services, with all surveying data being summarized into a “all-in-one survey” report for circulation in the examination and approval departments of Dalian Free Trade Area as a basis for examination and approval permission and acceptance examination and approval.
        The reform of "all-in-one survey" launched by Dalian Free Trade Area is a reform and innovation of Dalian Free Trade Area in promoting the management mode of the investment field. First of all, it greatly improves the efficiency of administrative examination and approval of the government, realizes the sharing and mutual recognition of all surveying results, reduces the number of entrusted units and entrustment times, improves the project construction process files, reduces the number of important documents in the application for approval and construction, and greatly compresses the formality processing time; secondly, the government’s selecting surveying service agencies through purchase and auction bid can effectively avoid arbitrary charging, repeated charging and bad competition, standardizes the standards of the surveying industry and improves the service quality of surveying units; thirdly, this greatly reduces the burden of enterprises. Both enterprise surveying times which were more than ten preciously in three stages and surveying cost which was RMB 2~3 yuan/square meter preciously have reduced to "zero". This has saved a lot of labor cost, time cost and financial pressure for enterprises.
        Institutional innovation is the "background color" of Dalian Free Trade Area. Since establishment, Dalian Free Trade Area has been interpreting the free trade spirit with positive benchmarking and alignment, bold test, reform and innovation. Many institutional innovation results are in the forefront of the whole province and the whole country, breaking out a new way of differentiated characteristic development and showing the leading role of the free trade zone.
        The “all-in-one survey” institutional innovation carried out this time gives full play to the government service function of the free trade zone and the innovation advantage of the free trade system, being a beneficial exploration in the field of investment and also an institutional innovation and active attempt to practice the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and explore the formation of a "path of Dalian" leading to examination and approval acceleration and upgrading.