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The 1 Millionth Finished Automobile Getting off Line in Dongfeng-Nissan Dalian Branch
        On Oct. 17, Dongfeng-Nissan Dalian Branch welcomed the 1 millionth finished automobile getting off the production line. This is not only a milestone in the development history of Dongfeng-Nissan Dalian Branch, but also a new milestone in the development of Dalian's automobile manufacturing industry. It fully demonstrates Dalian's manufacturing strength and effectively drives local economic recovery and social development.
        Under the severe situation of the epidemic impact and the downward trend of automobile market, Dongfeng-Nissan has realized "zero shutdown, zero line stop" and car production growth against the trend. During the epidemic, Dongfeng-Nissan Dalian Branch established a number of mechanisms in response to the epidemic and took the lead to resume double-shift full production. In the first three quarters of this year, a total of 123,366 finished automobiles were produced, with an industrial output value of RMB 15.8 billion yuan and tax payment of RMB 1.1 billion yuan for the state and local government. At the same time, Dongfeng-Nissan's sales terminal also grew against the trend. From January to September this year, Dongfeng-Nissan's sales terminal sold 758,000 vehicles, ranking stably in the forefront of the industry and Liaoning's sales volume ranked first in China. At the same time of the 1 millionth automobile getting off line, Dalian factory also won global first place in the comprehensive competitiveness of Nissan-Renault Alliance.
        Dongfeng-Nissan Dalian Branch has won many special honors since putting into production and realized breakthrough unceasingly through internal tapping. It has won successively the president award of Dongfeng Ltd., Nissan’s global quality award, Nissan’s global president quality grand award, Dongfeng-Nissan factory quality award, 2017 China best factory-quality excellence award, 2018 China best factory mass assembly award, etc. The technological transformation and continuous innovation in management have greatly increased the production capacity, and the finished automobile production has increased from 30 units per hour in 2014 to 35 units per hour in 2020. From 2014 to 2017, 300,000 finished automobiles were produced; from 2017 to 2020, the finished automobile production soared to 700,000 units, both the production capacity and comprehensive competitiveness are in the leading position among the finished automobile production enterprises in China. 
        Dongfeng-Nissan Dalian Branch is an important production base of Dongfeng-Nissan Passenger Car Company in the north. It was completed and put into operation in October 2014, with a total base area 1.32 million square meters and a total investment of RMB 5 billion yuan. It focuses on the production of SUV models, including new Xtrail, new Qashqai under Nissan brand and Infiniti brand models. Dalian factory currently has the five major processes of punching, welding, coating, resin and general assembly and introduced comprehensively advanced technology and equipment. The Welding Workshop automation rate is 87%, the General Assembly Workshop has achieved automation in the conveying, grabbing, placing of tire, seat and other parts. In terms of coating technology, Dalian factory has imported a complete robot automatic spray coating system to improve the production efficiency substantially. In addition, more than 90% of the automobile quality inspection equipment in Dalian factory has adopted imported equipment of superior performance, ranking in the leading position in both inspecting and testing capability and accuracy in the auto industry.
        At present, Dalian Free Trade Area has formed a series of whole chain automobile industry from finished automobile production, part processing, sales, logistics and transportation, parallel import automobiles. In the next step, Dalian Free Trade Area will also focus on the development of new energy automobile industry and has completed the overall planning and layout.