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"Second" Registration Shows Efficiency. "Cloud" Business Attraction Seizes Opportunities. Dalian Free Trade Area Shows New Opportunities of Dalian Northeast Asia International Logistics Center Construction by Annual International Freight Forwarding Meeting
        Nov. 2 saw the grand opening of “the 9th China Annual International Freight Forwarding Meeting and the 4th International Freight Transaction Exhibition and the 1st Global Freight Forwarding Online Expo for 2020" sponsored by China Federation of Logistics and Procurement and China International Shipping Network in Dalian International Conference Center. In the booth of Dalian Free Trade Area, the citizen Wang Ziru engaging in logistics, with the help of the domestic first "Enterprise Registration Confirmation System" and "24-hour Online Examination and Approval Service" of Dalian Free Trade Area, only bore an ID card to be registered in a “second” on the scene of the annual meeting for Dalian Zi’ang International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. to become an enterprise legal person. The instantaneous change of Wang Ziru's identity is not only a vivid reflection of Dalian Free Trade Area's effort to optimize the business environment and build a dynamic park system and mechanism, but also a true reflection of logistics enterprises' confidence in investing in Dalian Free Trade Area. 
        China Annual International Freight Forwarding Meeting, also known as "Canton Fair" in the freight forwarding field, is the first time for more than 3,000 representatives from ship owner companies, air freight companies, railway companies, road transport companies, international freight forwarders, international logistics companies, international trading companies and ports, park enterprises to fully connect with 100,000 home and foreign customers on cloud. The annual meeting, exhibition, cloud expo and celebration evening party are held at the same time and online and offline activities launched simultaneously. The Management Committee of Dalian Free Trade Area fully displays new opportunities for Dalian Free Trade Area to build a core functional area of Dalian Northeast Asia international logistics center and shipping center through a series of activities such as co-organizing, exhibiting, promoting and precise investment attraction and so on, with the help of the big platform of the annual freight forwarding meeting, exhibition and cloud expo.
        The meeting, around the subversion and innovation of international freight and "one belt and one road" as well as the new international supply chain mode and through air, rail, shipping, etc, understands latest science and technology, main policies, cutting-edge information, the most authoritative guidance, provides a platform of cooperation, opening up, tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win for the participating exhibitors, and the perfect port function system, first-class port service environment, strong shipping logistics industry base and clean, efficient and transparent government affairs environment of Dalian Free Trade Area provides a stage of “accumulated cloud becoming rain”, “flowers blossoming on landing” for the numerous traders gathering in Dalian on "cloud" and created on "cloud" end. Liu Aimin, Director of Dalian Free Trade Area Management Committee, extended an invitation to the participating traders to jointly build a core functional area of Dalian Northeast Asia international logistics center and shipping center in the keynote speech of the meeting. 
        Dalian Free Trade Area is a highland of constant institutional innovation and expansion of opening up in the exploration of investment, trade, finance, foreign investment service and management by China in the new period. According to the independent assessment by an authoritative third party, the institutional innovation index of Dalian Free Trade Area in 2019 ranked 4th among the 21 pilot free trade zones of the third batch, and the trade facilitation index ranked 5th among the nationwide free trade zones and 1st among the free trade zones of the third batch, next to Shanghai, Nansha, Qianhai and Tianjin.
        Dalian Free Trade Area has a perfect port function system, is a combined rail and sea transport center in the northeastern region and an important hub of economic exchanges and trade cooperation with Northeast Asia countries, a bridgehead of Dalian, Liaoning and even Northeastern Region for opening up to the outside world, a core functional area of Dalian Northeast Asia international shipping center, international logistics center, international trade center. The zone contains a 200,000-ton container terminal, a 400,000-ton ore terminal, a 450,000-ton crude oil terminal, etc., leads through China-EU trains and the international railway artery to most parts of Mongolia, Russia, Europe directly, and has trade exchanges with more than 300 ports in over 160 countries and regions in the world, undertakes the carriage of more than 70% of foreign trade goods and more than 90% of foreign trade containers in the Northeastern Region. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transport have jointly released a "List of National Logistics Hubs for Construction in 2020", among which "Dalian port-type national logistics hub" is listed. Dayaowan Port area and Beilang Port area within the planned scope are both located in Dalian Free Trade Area. 
        Dalian Free Trade Area, with a strong shipping logistics industry foundation, has formed a port logistics system and a bonded logistics system having international logistics as the core, bonded warehousing, distribution and third party logistics as the key points, port, shipping, transportation and agency being complete in range, rational in industrial structure, distinct in business characteristics, is among the first group of nationwide demonstration logistics parks. The market transaction amount in 2019 reached RMB 130 billion yuan. 
        Dalian Free Trade Area has a first-class port service environment. In recent years, Dalian Free Trade Area, in conformity with advanced international economic and trade rules and focusing on cross-border trade liberalization and facilitation, has taken the lead to introduce in the country "bonded mix ore", "whole process supervision to grains entering", "noninvasive check", "parallel import automobile transit bonded value-added service", "taking enterprises as a unit + global trust supervision", "bonded ship oil supply new mode", "export goods inspection and quarantine certificate cloud issuing" and other innovative initiatives. As a result, the port business environment level is improving constantly. All these initiatives come from the needs of enterprises and bring real benefits to them. Some of them have even brought back enterprises that had suffered serious losses or even were on the verge of bankruptcy, and some of them have been copied and promoted to the whole country. All these fully demonstrate the power of institutional innovation as "achieving great by doing a little" and "turning bad into good". 
        Dalian Free Trade Area has a clean, efficient and transparent government affairs environment, and a market-oriented, legalized and internationalized business environment has been preliminarily established. The service concept of doing everything for the sake of enterprises and being based on everything of enterprises is deeply rooted in the heart and practiced in action. Taking the opportunity of the approval of the national pilot program of public service standardization of "one-window acceptance for whole enterprise life cycle", Dalian Free Trade Area comprehensively promotes the construction of credit system under the principle of "law-abiding and convenience", and takes the lead in the whole country in the full coverage of the administrative recognition system of subject qualification. It continuously explores the construction of a new mode of supervision to "barrier-free, non-interference" examination and approval, "issues certificate after giving a commitment" and "accepts by tolerating minor lacks" for enterprise-related administrative licensing matters, realizes examination and approval governing by one seal, 7×24h barrier-free registration, has had enterprise registration enter the era of "second approval". It establishes a management system of "conformity certification", and takes the lead in introducing third-party certification service into the business license approval and supervision process of enterprises in China.
        Facing the new situation and new goals, Dalian Free Trade Area, as a bridgehead of opening up to the outside world in Northeast China, will continue to play its role as a test field for deepening reform, align with international high-standard economic and trade rules, deepen constantly opening-up and cooperation in Northeast Asia, and better serve the construction of Dalian Northeast Asia international shipping center, logistics center and trade center.