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"Zero Document Handing", an Innovative Move of Dalian Free Trade Area for Border Inspection to Departure from Port for Optimizing Port Customs Clearance Environment
        To further implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instruction as “improving the conditions of trade liberalization and facilitation to effectively solve the prominent problems as high institutional cost in import links, trivial inspection and quarantine and customs clearance process, enterprise being able to go nowhere to complain, etc.”, Dalian Free Trade Area, in continually promoting the institutional innovation in power delegation, supervision and service, has introduced a number of service moves for comprehensive optimization to the port customs clearance environment.
        Due to the influence of COVID-19 epidemic, air and land transport has been blocked with sea transport having become the main channel of China's foreign trade exchanges. In order to improve the level of trade facilitation, Dalian Free Trade Area, in cooperation with Dayaowan Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station, has introduced the system of "zero document handing" for ships leaving the port, so that you have to go only once in processing customs clearance formalities; for the application, examination and approval and issuance of administrative permission for border inspection, such as boarding and docking, etc., online processing has been opened to allow service objects to "be not present"; 24-hour standing service force is available to process border inspection formalities any time for international vessels entering and leaving Dayaowan Port; strive for single-document service, single-window acceptance, single-web application, integrated supervision, single platform.
        Since the innovative move was implemented last year, the average time for shipping agents to handle relevant business has been saved by nearly one hour, the efficiency of ship customs clearance further improved, and the operating costs of enterprises significantly reduced. In 2020, Dayaowan Border Inspection Station released ships and personnel for border (port) entry and exit with an increase by 3.71% and 2.27% respectively, as compared with that in 2019. The port entry and exit data has gone up against the trend with a high development trend maintained.
        As known, Dayaowan Bonded Port Zone has 5 wharves and 33 berths for containers in service for containers, bulk grains, automobiles, Beiliang and petrochemicals. It is now open for navigation with more than 300 ports in 160 countries and regions, such as Japan and Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and America, the Middle East, Africa, etc. In the next step, Dalian Free Trade Area will further cooperate with Dayaowan Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station to strengthen system integration and innovation, focus on forging "digital border inspection", and realize efficient, informatized and intelligent management and service to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Dayaowan Port.