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Deyuan Environmental Protection Technology Industry Center Project Starting Construction in Dalian Free Trade Area
        On Mar. 15, Deyuan Environmental Protection Technology Industry Center project jointly developed by Dalian Deyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was formally launched for construction in Dalian Free Trade Area. With a total investment about RMB 200 million yuan, covering about 10,000 square meters, covering three core sectors of technology research and development, equipment assembly and comprehensive services, the project is expected to be completed and put into use in 2023. The commencement of this project marks a solid step forward of Dalian Free Trade Area in accelerating the layout of hi-tech industries and promoting the integrated development of manufacturing and service industries.
        Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., as a comprehensive environmental service provider integrating environmental planning, environmental protection product research and development, design, manufacturing, engineering installation, environmental protection facilities operation, is engaged in such main business fields as water environment improvement, factory environment improvement, atmospheric environment improvement, solid waste treatment, environmental remediation, industrial park improvement and resources cycling, etc. As one of the first 19 environmental protection service pilots approved by State Ministry of Environmental Protection and an "AAA" enterprise of environmental protection, it has more than 130 independent scientific research achievements, more than 50 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, more than 360 national patents, with its products and technologies being widely applied in locomotive manufacturing, construction machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical and other fields. It has become a leading enterprise in the field of environmental improvement in China.
        After completion of this project, Aerospace Kaitian Company will have its core resources, such as its R&D center and northeastern region headquarters, settled in Dalian Free Trade Area. Its core sectors, such as technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, comprehensive services, etc., can bring considerable sales revenue with the predicted annual tax payment amount reaching RMB 20 million yuan.
        In the next step, Dalian Free Trade Area will focus on this key project to deepen cooperation with relevant enterprises, actively promote the gathering of the upstream and downstream enterprises, perfect the industrial chain of environmental protection equipment research and development, production and related services, and accelerate the development of environmental protection industry.