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The “First Shot” of Northeastern Hydrogen Energy Fired Here

The First “5-in-1” Comprehensive Energy Service Station in Northeastern Region Put into Operation 

        On Feb. 23, Sinopec Dalian Shenggang Comprehensive Energy Service Station located in Dalian Free Trade Area filled hydrogen fuel buses for the first group of hydrogen energy transit buses. This is the first shot fired by Sinopec for its hydrogen refueling business in Northeast China. Meanwhile, it marks the first five-in-one comprehensive energy service station of "oil, gas, hydrogen, electricity and others than oil" in Northeast China put into operation.

        The "five-in-one" comprehensive energy service station constructed by Sinopec Northern Energy (Dalian) Co., Ltd., commenced construction in last October. With a floorage of nearly 15,000 square meters, that station is the country's first new "five-in-one" energy supply and chain convenient service network integrating oil, gas, hydrogen, electricity, cross-border e-commerce, including refueling work zone, hydrogen energy work zone, LNG work zone, photovoltaic charging zone, EasyJet cross-border comprehensive service zone as five major functional zones. Among them, the hydrogen energy work zone provides hydrogen energy filling service, with a filling capacity of 500kg/12h.

        Hydrogen energy, with such advantages as high calorific value, high energy density, storability, renewable, zero pollution and so on, is an important direction of the global energy technology revolution. In order to conform to the development trend of hydrogen energy and strengthen the development, application and promotion of hydrogen energy technology, Dalian Free Trade Area has put hydrogen energy in an important industrial development direction, formulated and implemented Development Plan of Dalian Free Trade Area for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and Related Industries to actively forge an industrial chain and economic ecosystem of hydrogen energy. As a key supporting facility, the five-in-one comprehensive energy service station project will provide a strong support for the expansion of hydrogen energy application scenarios in Dalian Free Trade Area, and is of great significance for the construction of hydrogen energy demonstration city in Dalian.

        According to the plan, 3-5 hydrogen refueling stations will be built in Dalian Free Trade Area from 2021 to 2025 for pilot demonstration operation of fuel cell transit buses, logistic vehicles, etc.