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Dalian's First Batch of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses Having Been Put into Operation Liaoning's Urban Public Transit Having Entered the "Hydrogen Energy Era"

On Mar. 30, the first batch of hydrogen fuel cell buses inDalian was officially put into operation in Dalian Free Trade Area (BondedZone), which would formally undertake the daily operation task of the two buslines from Dalian Free Trade Area (Bonded Zone) Management Committee toDongfeng Nissan and from Ershilipu to Songshugou (Dalian University). As theleaders of Dalian Free Trade Area (Bonded Zone) Management Committee handed thekeys of the first ten hydrogen fuel cell buses to Dalian Public Transit Group,it marked that Liaoning’s urban public transit business had entered a brand new"hydrogen energy era" with a future travel scene as "safe,convenient, economic, comfortable, environmentally protective" mapped out,and it also marked that the hydrogen energy industry of our city had entered anew phase of development. On the same day, the foundation laying ceremony ofErshilipu Huanpu Comprehensive Energy Supply Center invested by Sinopec NorthEnergy Company was also held in the Free Trade Area. The leaders of DalianHydrogen Energy Industry Development Work Leading Group Office, DalianDevelopment & Reform Commission, Dalian Housing Construction Bureau, JinpuNew District Management Committee and relevant departments, the leaders of DalianFree Trade Area Management Committee and relevant departments, Sinopec, HuayiHolding and the employees of Dalian Public Transit Group, reporters from newsmedia and so on consisting of 300 persons as well as the citizens of DalianFree Trade Area witnessed this historic moment together.

Dalian Public Transit Group will also take this opportunity tocombine with the "digital public transit" system construction work,rely on the “digital public transit new energy vehicle operation andmaintenance management system platform" to implement "intelligentmanagement" and "refined operation" to the new energy vehicleelectrical and vehicle-borne systems and simultaneously make hydrogen energyapplication data acquisition, analysis to provide a big-data support for thehydrogen utilization technology research and development and large-scaleapplication in the next step.

The hydrogen fuel cell bus route in the Free Trade Area is thefirst subdivision industry application scenario successfully opened up by thehydrogen energy industry in our city. The first "five-in-one"Shenggang Comprehensive Energy Supply Center in Northeast China completed incooperation by the Free Trade Area and Sinopec North Energy as well as thenewly constructed Huanpu Comprehensive Energy Supply Center will provide ahydrogen filling guarantee for the hydrogen fuel cell bus operation, and willgive play to the professional advantage of Sinopec to forge a full chaindevelopment mode of the hydrogen energy industry integrating "gas,station, vehicle" to realize all-round layout for hydrogen “generation,storage, transportation and filling” and co-build a hydrogen energy industryecosphere.

In 2020, Dalian Party Committee and Dalian Government made animportant strategic decision of "developing the hydrogen energy industrywith a great effort", established the overall train of thought as"taking the hydrogen fuel cell industry development as the breakthroughpoint to lay out the hydrogen energy industry in advance". The main leaderof the municipal government personally acted as the head of the "HydrogenEnergy Industry Development Work Leading Group of Dalian", under theleadership thereof, the work has been being carried out around the three majoritems including hydrogen energy industry development policy systemconstruction, basic supporting facilities construction and consumer marketcultivation with a major breakthrough made. A series of documents and relevantindustrial standards have been issued successively to accelerate thecultivation of hydrogen energy industry; the establishment of NGO organizationhas been promoted with an industrial ecological environment for promoting thedevelopment of the hydrogen energy industry initially set up. At the same time,the construction of the basic supporting facilities is being accelerated. Thepurification project with an annual production volume of 50,000t high-purityand low-cost hydrogen for vehicles will be started within this year. Aftercompletion, the project will be able to meet the full-load operation of 5,000hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles; in terms of consumer marketcultivation, a lay-out is under way around multiple application scenariosincluding commercial hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen energy ships,hydrogen energy power stations, hydrogen communities, etc.

According to the latest plan, China will realize carbon emissionpeak achievement within 10 years and become carbon neutral within 40 years. Asan important member of the new energy family, the rational utilization ofhydrogen fuel is an important scientific and technological highland that allcountries in the world are competing to study. Especially in the field oftransportation, hydrogen energy development has become an important industrialdevelopment direction and hydrogen energy has been widely applied. Hydrogenfuel cell buses has the characteristics of fast hydrogen filling, largecapacity, zero emission, no pollution and higher purity, which tend to exceedordinary pure electric vehicles in the aspects of long distance, heavy load,low-temperature operation, etc. In future, hydrogen energy will show its strongpoints in the heavy-load, long-distance means of transportation, such as ships,trains and planes, according to experts.

As a reform "experimental field" and a new highlandfor opening up to the outside world, Dalian Free Trade Area (Bonded Zone)actively implements the national strategic "carbon peak, carbonneutral" deployment, depends on the industrial foundation advantagesrepresented by the auto and auto part clusters, advanced equipmentmanufacturing industry clusters, takes advantage of the rich application scenarios,such as Dalian Port, relies on the institutional innovation advantages thereofto go and try first and lay out as soon as possible. Taking technology researchand development as the breakthrough point, production and manufacturing as thedriving force, demonstration application as the forerunner, it relies onErshilipu Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park to cultivate the chain development ofthe hydrogen energy industry. At present, cooperation has been made with thestate-owned enterprises such as Sinopec, Toshiba and other internationalwell-known enterprises, Mingyuan Technology and other high-tech enterprises,Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, DalianUniversity of Technology and other universities and scientific researchinstitutions to promote the landing of hydrogen energy technology research anddevelopment, transformation of scientific and technologicalachievements, industrialization project construction and talent cultivation,inspection and test group hydrogen energy test center, Chuangwei hydrogenenergy automobile traction motor and other projects successively, acceleratethe projects such as green energy comprehensive demonstration application,international energy transaction center. It is expected that during the periodof "the 14th 5-year Plan", the hydrogen energy outputvalue will reach about RMB 20 billion yuan. In future, the Free Trade Area willcontinue to accelerate the pace of institutional integration and innovation,accelerate the construction of a higher level of economic system, strive to actas a pioneer in the development of Dalian in the new era, and strive to form astrategic highland of opening up and cooperation orienting to Northeast Asia.