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The First Reform, Innovation and Enterprise Development Salon Having Been Successfully Held in Dalian Free Trade Area

Innovating a new mechanism ofgovernment and enterprise connection, exploring a new mode of government andenterprise interaction


On Mar. 19, 2021, a unique reform, innovation and enterprisedevelopment salon was held on 4F, Free Trade Building, Dalian Free Trade Area.The senior executives of 5 cold chain logistics enterprises and the responsiblecomrades of relevant departments in the Area discussed problems, foundsolutions, sought innovation, talked about the future and promoted cooperationaround the development of the cold chain industry. The relaxed atmosphere,candid communication, unique insights and innovative inspiration endowed thissalon with rich connotations. By "being oriented by the needs ofenterprises", "asking enterprises for their needs, asking enterprisesfor tact", a brand new mode of benign interaction between the managementcommittee of the area and the enterprises under its jurisdiction was created.

Be enterprise-oriented, innovation is the soul. The theme of thefirst salon is "innovation and development of cold chain industry",the purpose of which is to focus on promoting the sustainable and healthydevelopment of the cold chain industry under the normal state of epidemicprevention and control. This has a realistic significance for the cold chainindustry deeply affected by the epidemic. In the salon, all present spokefreely around the current cold chain and logistics enterprise operation,concentrated sanitizing to the first-stop fixed-point refrigeratory, cold-chainproduct customs clearance and warehouse cost control, space booking withshipping company and schedule adjustment, cold-chain logistics technologyinnovation and standardization, regional competition and customer relationshipmaintenance and other issues, with an accurate docking of enterprise demandswith government service, an orderly linkage of industrial chain and innovationchain, an effective connection between the upstream and downstream enterprisesrealized.

Unlike previous enterprise discussion or investigationactivities, the reform, innovation and enterprise development salon of DalianFree Trade Area innovates from the form first. The half open communicationspace, light conversation atmosphere, friend-like interactive experience haveall feel respect and intimity each other, the "free" air of the FreeTrade Area fully flow and the idea of "freedom" fully expressed.Secondly, the salon innovates from the connotation. In addition to erecting aplatform for government and enterprise exchanges, it also invited the upstreamand downstream of the industrial chain and relevant parties to participatetherein to discover new opportunities for "business solicitation bybusiness" and complementary cooperation of the industrial chain andexplore a new space for institutional innovation.

Next, Dalian Free Trade Area will constantly innovate a newdocking mechanism for government and enterprises, explore a new interactionmode for government and enterprises to hold the salon to be characteristic,fruitful, famous in brand  according tothe requirements of thoughtful deployment, scientific organization, fullmobilization, seeking practical effectiveness, give play to its bridge and tierole of promoting regional and industrial high-level opening up, high-qualitydevelopment to form a powerful resultant force to promote industrialprosperity, enterprise clustering, collaborative innovation, common flourishingin Dalian Free Trade Area.