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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Been Approved as the First Customs’s Designated Supervision Site in Liaoning Province

Recently, the "designated supervision site for importedfruits" of Dalian Port Yidu Cold Chain in Dalian Free Trade Area has beenofficially approved after passing the acceptance by the expert group of GeneralAdministration of Customs to become the first designated supervision site forimported fruits over the province. The approval of this state-level portqualification will further perfect the port function of Dalian and acceleratethe gathering of trade enterprises and fruit supply.

Dalian Port Yidu Cold Chain Phase IV Project, where the "designatedsupervision site for import fruits" is located, has a total investment of RMB100 million yuan and covers 72,000 square meters, in which, the containerstorage space of 18,000 square meters can provide cooling service for 740refrigerated containers at the same time with a fruit ripening and storage warehousefor a floorage of 23,300 square meters built. Since General Administration ofCustoms issued "Regulations on the Management of the Customs’s DesignatedSupervision Sites" at the end of 2019, Dalian Free Trade Area and DalianPort Yidu Cold Chain Company actively prepared according to variousrequirements under the support of Dalian Customs and various port departmentsfor acceptance by the expert group of General Administration of Customs. Anofficial approval was obtained on Mar. 16 this year.

With  the qualification for"designated supervision site for imported fruits" approved, Yidu ColdChain Phase IV Project has had an increase of port inspection platforms by 108,taken advantage of the inspection and customs supervision informationintegration system to realize inspection and quarantine and customs checksynchronization. As a result of a substantial increase in customs clearance speed,not only market rapid response time has been won for fruit trade enterprises, butcargo movements and exposure time can also be effectively reduced to preventgoods quality from downgrading and reduce enterprise loss cost.

At the same time,  DalianFree Trade Area and Dalian Port Yidu Cold Chain will also take this opportunityto accelerate the forging of a comprehensive business platform for importedfruits integrating refrigerated storage, customs check, allotment and distribution,ripening and processing, transaction and settlement and other functions to attractrelated enterprises and elements to agglomerate to cultivate characteristic business growth points, boost the construction of NortheastAsia Cold-chain Products Transaction Center.