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The Hydrogen Energy Industry Having Had a "Propeller" Added in Dalian Free Trade Area

On Mar. 25, the Chuangwei motor research and development andproduction base project invested by Dalian Chuangwei Motor Co., Ltd. startedconstruction in Dalian Free Trade Area. With a total investment of RMB 225million yuan, the project will focus on the research, development andproduction of hydrogen energy vehicle traction motors and other products. Thelanding of that project will help Dalian Free Trade Area to further perfect thelayout of the hydrogen energy industry and advance toward the goal of buildinga first-class hydrogen energy industry base in China.

The Chuangwei Motor Project, covering about 75,000 square meters,is planned to be constructed in two phases. The first phase of the project is amotor manufacturing base covering 50,000 square meters, including a provincial leveltechnical center, a laboratory center and six major workshops for riveting,welding, machining, electrical work, etc. The second phase of the projectcovers 25,000 square meters. It will strengthen the research and development ofmechatronics and expand from motor to terminal equipment manufacturing. Theconstruction is expected to start within 5 years after the first phase is putinto operation.

Dalian Chuangwei Motor Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise thatdevelops, designs and produces special motors, with 35 technical intellectualproperties. It has won the national and provincial advanced science andtechnology innovation awards for many consecutive years, and won the firstlargest order for hydrogen fuel logistics vehicles in China. After thecompletion of the project, the focus will be on the research and development ofnew energy traction motors and controls, including hydrogen fuel logisticsvehicles, buses, highway vehicles, as well as hydrogen energy and fuel cellindustry related products such as high-speed air compressors for hydrogen fuelcells, etc.

In order to strengthen the development, application andpromotion of hydrogen energy technology and conform to the development trend ofhydrogen energy industry, Dalian Free Trade Area, listing hydrogen energy as animportant new energy development direction, has formulated and implementedDevelopment Plan for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and Related Industries in DalianFree Trade Area, and started the construction of Dalian's first hydrogen energyindustrial park. The park will, through introducing domestic and foreignwell-known vehicle and fuel cell supporting enterprises, focus on developing hydrogenfuel cell commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and other complete vehicleproducts and fuel cell galvanic pile, power system and other key parts andcomponents, introduce domestic and foreign hydrogen distribution power supplyand hydrogen energy equipment enterprises to develop hydrogen purificationequipment, low-temperature liquid hydrogen storage and transportationequipment, etc. and construct in a supporting manner hydrogen energy vehicle andhydrogen energy equipment inspection and test center to build a complete industrialecological system integrating hydrogen energy research, incubation, manufacturing,demonstration, application and promotion.