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The First Project of "Land Transfer with Scheme" in Dalian Free Trade Area Having Realized "Issuing of Two Permits" within One Day

Recently, the first project of "land transfer withscheme" in Dalian Free Trade Area - Deyuan Environmental Protection Science& Technology Industrial Center obtained the construction land planningpermit and construction work planning permit on the same day of entering intothe land contract, with completion of planning formalities at the time of landtransfer realized and the gap for cases implementing "land transfer withscheme" in Dalian and Jinpu New District also filled in.

In order to further optimize the business environment, promoteearly landing and start of key projects, Dalian Free Trade Area has tried andventured bravely in the field of planning. By relying on the examination andapproval system reform in Dalian, it has explored the land transfer mechanismfor listing with engineering scheme and transformed simultaneously passive examinationand approval to active service. A construction unit, after land transactionconfirmation, proceeds to the application for construction land planning permitand construction work planning permit under the guide of the examination andapproval service secretary to ensure the rapid conclusion of planningprocedures.

The project of "land transfer with scheme" implementedthis time was jointly developed by Dalian Deyuan Environmental ProtectionTechnology Co., Ltd. and Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection TechnologyCo., Ltd. According to the enterprise principals, it took at least one month toapply for the "two permits" previously, but in Dalian Free Trade Area,it only takes one working day to complete all the planning examination and approvalprocedures for enterprise to start work early and save a lot of costs.

The mode of land transfer with designscheme is one to complete project design scheme development before land listingto be good for simplifying the examination and approval process, compressing thetime limit for examination and approval, shortening the project construction period  and also helping to regulate the behavior ofland development and construction, facilitating the mastery of building height,size, form, color and other aspects, improving comprehensive land utilizationand development value.