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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Had Another Innovative Initiative Issued on the State Council's Official Website

On Mar. 20, the news column of the website of the CentralPeople's Government of the People's Republic of China reported a reform andinnovation initiative of Dalian Free Trade Area under the title of"Liaoning Free Trade Pilot Zone has introduced a system of 'zero documentdelivery' for outbound border check". This is the first time this yearthat the institutional innovation achievements of the zone have been publishedon the website of the State Council.

The system of “zero document delivery” for departing ships hasrealized “presence for one time only” for ships going through customs clearanceprocedures. Since the implementation of the innovative initiative, the averagetime for shipping agents to handle relevant businesses has been saved by nearly1 hour, the efficiency of ship customs clearance further improved, and theoperating cost of enterprises greatly reduced.

Over the past four years since the establishment of Dalian FreeTrade Area, 301 institutional innovation initiatives have been summarized andsorted accumulatively with 102 innovation cases formed. The three innovative initiatives,such as "supervision innovation for bonded mixed ores", "newsupervision mode for imported grains in the whole process" and"intelligent navigation service for import and export commoditiesdeclaration" have been replicated and promoted nationwide as the innovationcases of the State Council. In Blue Book of Chinese Free Trade Pilot Zone Developmentreleased by an authoritative third-party agency, the institutional innovationindex of Dalian Free Trade Area ranks 11th among the 43 free trade areasin the country, 4th in the third batch of approved free trade areas,in which the index of trade facilitation ranks 5th next to Shanghai,Nansha, Qianhai and Tianjin.

Next, Dalian Free Trade Area will scientifically prepare the"14th 5-Year" development plan, clarify the strategicpositioning of the zone in the city's reform and development, focus on theoverall planning of system integration innovation and open industrial system,and become a good demonstration zone of system innovation, a leading zone foropening up to the outside world, and a model zone for open industrial system inDalian.