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Implementing Classified and Categorized Management to Enterprises Settling in Centralized Registration Place

Dalian Free Trade Area Letting Enterprises “Be Beneficialfrom Keeping Promise”


In order to further deepen the reform in the businessregistration system, create a business environment that is more legalized,internationalized and convenient, on Mar. 15, Dalian Free Trade Area officially released Regulations of Dalian Free Trade Areafor Classified and Categorized Management to Concentrated Registration Placesto let the law-abiding and faith-keeping enterprise fully feel the credit value,the faith-keeping benefits. This is a solid step forward of Dalian Free TradeArea in speeding up the social credit system construction.

The Regulations for Management has innovatively introduced theconcept of "credit inheritance", that is, a newly registered marketsubject can inherit the credit information of the original market subjectthrough the legal person or shareholders. The subject of credit inheritance islegal person or shareholder, and the source is the credit information of theoriginal market subject where the legal person or shareholder holds a post.

By means of "credit inheritance" and other methods,the  Regulations for Management endows theenterprises using centralized registration places with different credit ratings,and implements differentiated management to enterprises at different levels, soas to ensure the law-abiding and faithful enterprises enjoy more convenientgovernment services in terms of bank account opening, notification commitmentand other aspects.

It is known that in order to meet the need of enterprises forreducing business costs in the initial startup stage, Dalian Free Trade Areahas boldly tried and ventured. At the end of 2017, it started the centralizedregistration pilot work comprehensively, and pioneered the mode of"entrusting law firms to regulate the management of centralizedregistration places" nationwide. So far, 12,725 enterprises have used centralizedregistration places. The introduction of the Regulations for Management willfurther give play to the basic role of credit in regulatory mechanisminnovation and regulatory capacity and level improvement, promote thetransformation of administration from "threshold management" to"credit management", better stimulate the vitality of market subject,and achieve high-quality economic development.