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Focusing on Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Development The 2nd Reform, Innovation and Enterprise Development Salon Was held in Dalian Free Trade Area

On the afternoon of Mar. 25, the 2nd reform,innovation and enterprise development salon was held in the open interview areaof the Free Trade Building, Dalian Free Trade Area. The salon this time focusedon the development of cross-border e-commerce industry, was problem-oriented tolisten to the opinions and suggestions of enterprises face to face, and checkedsolidly the factors restricting the development of cross-border e-commerceindustry in the zone to lay a good foundation for introducing more targetedpolicies and carrying out work in the next step.

The salon activity this time invited the seven key cross-bordere-commerce enterprises and related enterprise principals in the zone to attend,including Shanhe Quanshigou, Zhitong Supply Chain, Yilutong Supply Chain,Diaite Logistics, Wanzhongyuncang, Zehui Supply Chain and Jingda InternationalLogistics. In the salon, the entrepreneurs put forward opinions and suggestionsaround multiple aspects including the current cross-border e-commerceindustrial development status in the zone, existing problems, policy support,customs supervision, publicity and promotion, business environment, going andtrying first, etc. The principals of relevant departments in the zone listened attentivelyand communicated with the entrepreneur representatives from time to time todiscuss good tactics for the development of the cross-border e-commerceindustry. For the problems and needs raised by the enterprises, relevantdepartments will further analyze and demonstrate, continue to track andcoordinate for solution.

The cross-border e-commerce industry is a new type of foreigntrade business developed focally in Dalian Free Trade Area. To support theindustrial development, give better play to the driving role of the "corefunctional area of the comprehensive test zone for cross-border e-commerce",Dalian Free Trade Area has started constructing the cross-border experiencecomplex being the largest in scale, the most complete in service, the mostperfect in facilities in Northeast China, and formulated and implemented AnnualLive E-commerce Development Action Plan for 2021 to forge the first stop for thebest products of Japan and South Korea to enter the Chinese market, construct aJapanese and Korean commodity hub and distribution base.

Next, Dalian Free Trade Area will also make reference to thecross-border e-commerce industrial development experience of Zhengzhou,Shanghai, Shenzhen and other advanced areas to update and introduce relevantindustrial support policies, solve enterprise difficult development problems, constantlyperfect the full e-commerce industry chain to play a leading and demonstrationrole in promoting regional e-commerce industrial agglomeration, especially inthe rapid development of cross-border e-commerce.