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Institutional Integration and Innovation Having Been Made Successively

"Experimental Field"Having Become"High-yield Field"

Record 3 of innovative development at the fourth plate-hanginganniversary of Dalian Free Trade Area

Institutional innovation is thesoul for the construction of the Free Trade Area.

Sinceits establishment, Dalian Free Trade Area has always been closely following theneeds of enterprises to vigorously carry out pioneering and integratedexplorations, and strengthen high-quality development led by high-levelinstitutional innovation.

DalianFree Trade Areais going to action quickly to implement the important instructionspirit of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government as "forminga special team to carry out investigation and research in enterprises tounderstand the needs and policy bottlenecks, make  enterprises be available to take theachievements of institutional innovation, give full play to the first actionadvantage, maintain a leading position and ensure enterprises to benefit".

Ithas issued "Ten Measures for Encouraging Free Trade Innovation in DalianFree Trade Area (Trial)" and other measures, and set up a special workingteam for institutional innovation. At present, two full-time departments of InstitutionalInnovation and Enterprise Service Bureau I and Bureau II have been set up. Theinnovation department has 22 staff, accounting for 1/5 of the total staff ofthe departments in the Area. Other departments have also had one innovationspecialist staffed respectively. The full-time staffs of the innovationdepartment make investigation and research in enterprises for institutionalinnovation and policy innovation based on the development needs of enterprisesto forge "high-yield field" for institutional innovation on basis ofthe prominent role of "experimental field" in the early stage.

Since2020, the achievements of institutional integration and innovation in DalianFree Trade Area have been pouring out.

Thenew "Bonded Blending" integration and innovation measures have beenlaunched to enhance the position of Dalian as the ore blending and distributioncenter in Northeast Asia. Multi-country and multi-mineral operations have beenpioneered in China withthe ore international transshipment volume ranking firstin China.

Ithas deepened the new regulatory mode of "entrustment for internalprocessing" and promoted integration and innovation. The "cloud issuingplatformfor inspection and quarantine certificate of export cargoes"has beenpioneered in China to realize "zero contact and zero delay" inissuing of certificates.

Ithas introduced integration and innovation in the cold chain industry. The firstcertificate of place of origin and health certificate for internationaltransshipment of aquatic products has been issued in China, and launched a newmeasure of "direct delivery-takingfrom trucks and ships +self-transport" in an integrated manner. The new supervision mode of"cold chain global central warehouse"has been introducedfirst inChina, with the trade chain extending to the bonded warehouse for delivery.

Ithas launched the integration and innovation of new transportfreedommeasures,and taken the lead in China in introducing the notification commitment systemfor port entry examination and approval of ships for international voyage,saving more than 3,000 hours of customs clearance time for enterprises everyyear.

Ithas launched institution reform integration and innovation. Northeast NormalUniversity Bonded Zone Experimental School hasimplemented seven reforms, including appointment system for all,performance-based pay system, which have achieved good results.

Interms of financial innovation, it has completed the first cross-border RMBsettlement facilitation business for high-quality enterprises in China.

In2020, Dalian Free Trade Area launched 26 national pioneering institutionalinnovation achievements, among which 16 innovation cases were copied andpromoted by the provincial government. Over four years from establishment, DalianFree Trade Areahas taken the lead in fulfilling 119 reform pilot tasks as setforth in the overall plan, introduced more than 320 newinstitutional innovationachievements in accumulation, with three institutional innovationmeasuresselected as the reform pilot experience by the State Council, 62 itemsof institutional innovation experience being copied and promoted in the wholeprovince.Since last year, seven innovation caseshave been publishedconsecutively by the State Council's official website home page.

Accordingto the "Blue Book on Development of Pilot Free Trade Zones in China"released by an authoritative third party institution, the institutionalinnovation index of Dalian Free Trade Area ranks 11thamong 43 freetrade areas in China and 4thamong the third batch of approved freetrade areas, among which the trade facilitation index ranks 5th.