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Work Commencement at the Same Time of Land Acquisition! Dalian Free Trade Area Has Implemented “Staged” Handling of Housing Construction Project Construction Formalities

Inorder to deeply implement the requirements of the State Council and theMinistry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on the reform of the examinationand approval system for construction projects, further optimize the businessenvironment and accelerate the landing and commencement of constructionprojects, Dalian Free Trade Areahas recently implemented the "staged"handling of construction procedures for housing construction projects. Thisinnovative measure has truly realized "work commencement on obtaining land",and cansave at least two-month construction time for enterprises.

Underthe traditional mode of examination and approval, the landing and commencementof a housing construction project is complicated in the early stage processwith a lot of procedures to often take at least 3 months from land use formality completion to obtaining the projectoverall planning permit, completingall construction drawing designs and reviewbefore the construction permit can be handled. This period of time is “unableto afford to wait”  for many companies.

Atpresent, in Dalian Free Trade Area, the construction unit of a new housingconstruction project can, according to its construction plan and the handlingof relevant formalities, apply for the handling of the construction formalitiesrespectively on basis of such three stages as “foundation pit bracing and earthexcavation work”, “underground main work” and “overall work”, here is thespecific process: the construction unit can obtain the opinions for workcommencement for the “foundation pit bracing and earth excavation work”provided that it gets any of the certifying materials including State-ownedConstruction Land Transfer Decision, State-owned Construction Land Use RightTransfer Contract, Immovable Property Title Certificate as can determine theland ownership; can obtain the opinions for work commencement for the “undergroundmain work” after getting Construction Project Design Scheme Notice; can applyfor the overall work construction permit after all formalities are complete. Aconstruction unit, in obtaining the opinions for work commencement, mustprovide a written commitment as a statement and confirmation for any adverseinfluence and legal liability resulting from any project plan adjustment,design scheme change in the later stage.                                        

Sincethe implementation of the new policy, Dalian Free Trade Area has handled theconstruction procedures for Ershilipu Huanpu Comprehensive Energy ReplenishmentCenter and other projects by stages, with the processing time shortenedsubstantially to effectively reduce the cost of enterprises.

Atthe same time of providing convenience for enterprises, relevant departments inthe Area will also strengthen the supervision during and aftersuch projects totimely supervise the implementation of enterprise commitments, strengthen creditmanagement, establish creditrecordfor affiliated enterprises, and give morestern punishment to enterprises failing to fulfill their commitments, so as toensure the quality and safety of construction projects.