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Forgea Highland of Pharmaceutical and Life Health Industry Dalian Free Trade Area and Dalian Medical University areCo-building"Dalian Gene Cell Therapy Pilot Demonstration Zone"

OnApril 19, Dalian Free Trade Area signed a framework agreement with DalianMedical University forco-building"Dalian Gene Cell Therapy PilotDemonstration Zone" in Dalian Free Trade Area. Both sides will give fullplay to their respective advantages in policy, talent, technology and resources,etc.to focus on the cutting-edge fields, such as gene cell therapy, etc. andstrive to solve the common industrial problems and "bottleneck"technical issues, so as to co-forge an internationally renowned and  domestically leading highland of the pharmaceuticaland life health industry. Li Pengyu, Standing Member of Municipal PartyCommittee, Party Work Committee Secretary and Management Commission Director ofJinpu New District, Party Committee Secretary of Dalian Free Trade Area, SunZhaolin, Party Committee Secretary of Dalian Medical University, Zhao Jie, VicePresident of Dalian Medical University and Liu Aimin, Director of the ManagementCommission of Dalian Free Trade Area attended the signing ceremony.

Accordingto the agreement, both parties will build a clinical medical center for celltherapy and promote the first trial and go of cell therapy in the Dalian FreeTrade Area. It is intended to give full play to the advantages of f DalianMedical University in discipline, high-level talent and high-level medicaltreatment to focus on in-depth researches in the fields of cell therapy, genetesting, drug research and development, etc.It is intended to explore andestablish a research and development and achievement transformation modesuitable for the characteristics of Dalian Free Trade Area, strive to realizethe transformation and application of key core technologies in the Area, and makeactiveforeign cooperation in gene cell therapy. A public gene service platformwill be built to provide technical supports and personnel training for normalepidemic prevention and control as well as the genetic detection andtraceability of pathogenic microorganisms in frozen and imported goods.

LiuAimin, Director of Dalian Free Trade Area Management Commission, said in hisspeech that Dalian Free Trade Area attached great importance to the developmentof the big health industry represented by gene cell therapy, and regarded it asan important direction of regional industrial transformation and upgrading. Cooperatingwith Dalian Medical University inforging the whole industrial chain of cell,gene and medical treatment opens a new mode of medical, research and enterpriseintegration, which will surely push relevant industries to further heights andmake Northeast Asia industrial demonstration zone be of more internationalstyle.

ZhaoJie, Vice President of Dalian Medical University, introduced the university'sfruitful achievements in regenerative medicine, gene technology, precisionmedicine and other frontier fields in recent years. At the same time, he highlyappraised the courage, efficiency and enthusiasm ofDalian Free Trade Area inthe process of cooperation, and showedhis full confidence in the futurecooperation. He said that Dalian Medical University would fully support theconstruction of the "Pilot Demonstration Zone" and together with DalianFree Trade Area, rely on their respective superior resources to focus on platformconstruction and strive to forge a new highland for the transformation and applicationof scientific and technological achievements.

Itis known that gene cell therapy is one of the key development directions of thebio-pharmaceutical industry at present. In recent years, Chinese scientificresearch investment in the field of gene cell therapy has been increasing yearby year, and the technical strength has been constantly enhanced. The number ofnew clinical researches in China every year is second only to the UnitedStates, and China has become one of the most active countries in the field ofcell therapy clinical research. "Dalian Gene Cell Therapy PilotDemonstration Zone"to be co-built by Dalian Free Trade Area and DalianMedical University is an important measure to seize the opportunity of the bighealth industry, promote regional industrial upgrading and promote scientificand technological innovation and development. The Area will take thisopportunity to fully release the national "experimental field"policy bonusto create a goodcondition for Dalian Medical University to engage incutting-edge medical technology research and industrial innovation, focusonforginga stem cell application industrial chain includingbig data for drugdevelopment, medical health, life health, so as tofully enable for industrialinnovation promotion, make a pilot demonstration for the health construction inChina.