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Dalian Free Trade AreaHaving Marchedinto a New Era of Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Dalian Wanli Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Dalian DayaowanComprehensive Bonded Zone have passed the acceptance made by the jointacceptance group

OnApr. 23, Dalian Wanli Comprehensive Bonded Zone(Zone A, Zone B) and DalianDayaowan Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Dalian Free Trade Area passed theacceptance made by a joint acceptance group composed of eight departments. Thismarks that Dalian Free Trade Area, a special economic zone with "thehighest level of opening up, the most complete policy function and the mostprominent geographical advantage" in Northeast China, has marched into anew era of comprehensive bonded area.

Atthe acceptance meeting, the joint acceptance group composed ofDalian Customs, LiaoningDevelopment and Reform Commission, provincial Finance Department, provincial NaturalResources Department, provincialCommerceDepartment (Free Trade Office, Port Office),provincial Market Supervision Administration, State Tax Administration Dalian TaxBureau, State Foreign Exchange Administration Dalian Sub-bureaulistened to thereport made by Liu Aimin, Director of Dalian Free Trade AreaManagement Committee,aboutthe upgrading modification and operation development of the twocomprehensive bonded zones, and made a spot acceptance to the basic andsupervision facilities. After evaluation, it was unanimously agreed that DalianWanli Comprehensive Bonded Zone (Zone A, Zone B) and Dalian Dayaowan ComprehensiveBonded Zone passed the acceptance, and the acceptance result would be submittedto General Administration of Customs.

WuZhixiu, Head of the joint acceptance group and Deputy Director of DalianCustoms, and Yi Qingtao, Secretary General of Dalian Municipal Government,signed the "acceptance minutes” mutually. Zhang Weidong, Deputy Directorof provincial Commerce Department(provincial Port Office), Yao Lan, DeputySecretary General of Dalian Municipal Government and relevant persons in chargefrom Dalian Customs, municipal Commerce Bureau, municipal Development andReform Commission, municipal Finance Bureau, municipal Natural ResourcesBureau,municipal Market Supervision Administration, municipal Port Office, Jinpu NewDistrict and Dalian Free Trade Area attended the signing ceremony of the acceptanceminutes.

OnMay 17 and Aug. 30 last year, Dalian Wanli Comprehensive Bonded Zone and theDayaowan Comprehensive Bonded Zone were established after approval by the StateCouncil, among which, Dalian Wanli Comprehensive Bonded Zone, with a plannedarea of 2.33 square kilometers, was Dalian Export Processing Zone formerly,withZone A being established after approval in 2000 as one of the first 15 pilotexport processing zones in China, Zone B being established after approval in2007 as Dalian Intel Project Park, of which the main function is exportprocessing, enjoyingsuch preferential policies as bonded, tax rebate for entryinto the zone, no VAT for processing in the zone, etc. Dalian Dayaowan ComprehensiveBonded Zone, with a planned area of 1.82 square kilometers, is  the former Dalian Dayaowan Bonded Port Zoneas transformed and upgraded,which has such four major functions as port,logistics, processing and exhibition, and enjoys such special policies as bondedfor foreign goods entering the zone, tax rebate for domestic goods entering thezone, no VAT and consumption tax for goods transacted in the zone.

Thecomprehensive bonded zonesare special areas under special customs supervisionwith the highest level of opening up, the most preferential policies, the mostcomplete functions and the most simplified procedures in China. In comparisonwith the statusbefore upgrading, the comprehensive bonded zones haveconcurrentlysuch overlapping functions as bonded processing, bonded logistics, bondedservice, port operation, etc. and the policy advantage of the customs innovativemeasure as"going and trying first". Dalian Wanli ComprehensiveBondedZoneand Dalian Dayaowan ComprehensiveBondedZone passing the acceptance made by the jointacceptance group marksthe upgrading ofthe opening up platform of Dalian FreeTrade Area again. This will bring brand new development opportunities to Dalianin developing the opening up economy at a higher level, constructingNortheastAsia’s international shipping center, international logistics center,international trade center.

WuZhixiu, Head of the joint acceptance group and Deputy Director of DalianCustoms, said in speech that Dalian Customs would continue to maintain goodcustoms inspection and service as usual, further enhance the level of tradefacilitation, optimize the business environment, improve the efficiency ofsupervision, and promote the two comprehensive bonded zones to become newhighlands of high-level opening up and high-quality development.

YiQingtao, Secretary General of Dalian Municipal Government, said that Dalian wouldstrive to promote the misplaced and coordinated development of the two major comprehensivebonded zones, introduce more institutional innovation achievements, and give riseto more opening up new industrial modes, new business forms and new scenarios,so as to forgewith full efforts an all-around opening uphighland linking theworld.

ZhangWeidong, Deputy Director of Liaoning Commerce Department, said that the provincialCommerce Department(provincial Port Office) would actively cooperate with the customsand other relevant departments to straighten out, benchmark one by one toensure the sufficient use of a policy, the making of a strong chain and the drivingofa number of enterprises,to make a solid step toward such development targets asforging a processing and manufacturing center, a R & D and design center, alogistics distribution center, a testing and maintenance center and a salesservice center as “five major centers".

LiuAimin, Director of Dalian Free Trade Area Management Committee, said that DalianFree Trade Area would earnestly implement Opinions on Promoting the High-levelOpening up and High-quality Development of Comprehensive Bonded Zonesof theState Council, benchmark against the highest level of opening up form, promotebusiness innovation and regulatory system innovation, improvethe level of tradefacilitation. optimizethe port business environment, strive to forgeanimportant nodal pivot for domestic and international “double cycle”, and constructa new highland of opening up and cooperation orienting to Northeast Asia.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will give full play to the functional advantage of"bonded+", optimize the layout of the comprehensive bonded zones, andpromote the comprehensive bonded zones to develop into processing andmanufacturing center, R & D and design center, logistics distributioncenter, testing and maintenance center and sales service center with regionalinfluence and competitiveness. The zone will explore the implementationof sucha facilitated regulatory mode as centering on safe accession, copy andpopularize such integrated new modes of regulatory service including “entryinto zone before customs clearance”, “one-time filing for times of use”, etc.as having been applied to Intel. The zone will focus on the new target as"improvingthe quality, upgrading, opening up, innovating", rely on such domestic andoverseas leading enterprises as SK Hynix, IRIS, Yidu Cold Chain, etc. tocontinuously cultivate new growth momentum, forge new benchmarks fortransformation and upgrading, provide new samples for therevitalization and development of Northeast China, and accumulate newexperience for the reform and opening up of the whole country.