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Dalian Free Trade Area HavingForged a New Digital RMB Application Scenario as "EasyJoy Comprehensive Replenishment onthe Sea"

OnApr. 21, 2021, the "EasyJoy on the sea" platform of Sinopec NorthEnergy (Dalian) Co., Ltd. in Dalian Free Trade Area completed the first orderof digital RMB payment service for comprehensive replenishment to foreign shipsover China.This marks the official landing of the new digital RMB applicationscenario of "EasyJoycomprehensive replenishment on the sea" forforeign ships in the harbor.

Thisnew application scenario fully relies on the features of digital RMB offlinepayment as safe and fast, low in transaction cost, and aims at the "frontend" of digital RMB application to integrate the resources of Sinopec NorthEnergy, China Construction Bank, foreign ship forwarders, etc. to erect a newdigital RMB payment application platform;aims at the "middle end" ofthe application to realize the digital RMB payment for the comprehensivereplenishment of fuel oil, lubricating oil, daily supplies, ship accessories,meals, fresh water, shore power, etc. to foreign ships;aims at the "backend" of the application to provide more digital RMB application scenariosfor sailors to enter into port and consume after entry.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will continue to give play to the advantage in going andtrying first to focus on the construction of Dalian international shippingcenter, support Sinopec Northern Energy and other platforms, speed up theconstruction of "international crew club", "5-in-1 comprehensiveenergy service station" and other new digital RMB application scenarios,further promote digital RMB to enable the port construction in Dalian, forge a"demonstration window", an "opening upzone" and an"application port" for the digital RMB.