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On Apr. 21, 2021, the "EasyJoy on the sea" platform of Sinopec North Energy (Dalian) Co., Ltd. in Dalian Free Trade Area completed the first order of digital RMB payment service for comprehensive replenishment to foreign ships over China.This marks the official landing of the new digital RMB applica

Inorder to further deepen the reform of "streamlining government, delegatingpower and improving government service", optimize the port businessenvironment and improve the facilitation level of cross-border trade, themaritime department of Dalian Free Trade Areahas innovatively opened a"green channel for marine pollutant transport" in the field ofdangerous port goods supervision. This measure can save the logistics transporttime for the foreign trade export enterprises at least 2 to 3 days, reducefreight, port incidentals, insurance premium and so on by 20% to 50%, solve theproblem pointshindering and embarrassingthe enterprises, and effectivelyenhance the competitiveness of products in the international market.

Recently,the maritime department has known in surveyingthe demands of a zinc gluconateexport enterprise that the present international container shipping price ishiking, and marine pollutants (taking zinc gluconate as an example) areexported to Europe and America in the form of category 9 dangerous goods withonly the shipping freight for each standard container increasing by about$1,000 for the enterprisesto have a higher economic burden and be lesscompetitive for products in the international market.

Inconsideration of the problems encountered by this enterprise, the maritimedepartmenthas taken the initiative to innovate the packing method of marinepollutants under the premise of fully complying with the International MaritimeDangerous Goods Codeand establish a green release channel. The specific methodis: add a plastic bag as the inner package, put into the bag no more than 5kgof goods, and then put a group of 5 plastic bags like this into another largerplastic bag for sealing, and finally put into a 25kg fiberboard barrel. Afterusing this packing method, the goods with marine pollution characteristics(such as zinc gluconate) only can also be managed and transported as ordinarygoods during shipping toimprove the customs clearance efficiency greatly andsave for the enterprise about $25,000 as export cost every year to effectivelyenhance the competitiveness in the international market.

Inrecent years, Dalian Free Trade Area and Dalian maritime department have beencontinuously strengthening communication and cooperation, and successivelylaunched the innovative measures such as "four-step inspection method forreporting in an untrue and hidden manner" port dangerous goods,cancellation of verification to the "twocertificates for packing" fordangerous goods, etc. Among which, the "four-step inspection method forreporting in an untrue and hidden manner" port dangerous goods has beensuccessfully selected into the 4thbatch of provincial reference andpromotion cases in thepilot free trade zones in Liaoning.This is of greatsignificance for guaranteeing the port safe production, reducing theinstitutional transaction costs, enhancing the enterprise sense of gain andimproving the port business environment in Dalian Free Trade Area.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will ally with Dalian maritime department to earnestlysummarize the innovative measure promotion experience, strengthen the systematicand integrated innovation effort in investment and trade facilitation, portbusiness environment and other fields, accelerate the construction process ofNortheast Asia's international shipping center, and forge a new frontier fortheopening up and cooperation in Northeast Asia.