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"Once-for-allNotification, Once-for-allRectification and Once-for-allRe-inspection" Dalian Free Trade AreaHaving Launched a "New Measure for Fire Examination and Supervision"

Recently,Dalian Free Trade Area and the Bonded Zone Fire Rescue Brigadehave jointlylaunched a new measure for "fire examination and supervision" as "once-for-allnotification, once-for-all rectification and once-for-all re-inspection"for fire examinationtothe construction projects in public gathering places togreatly shorten the examination and approval time limit and reduce the burden ofenterprises.

Inthe past, the spot inspection for fire acceptance and the fire safetyinspection before putting places into use and business opening involving theconstruction projects in public gathering places were madeby the planning andconstruction department and fire department successively according to theirrespective duties. For enterprises, they often had to be subject to multipleinspections by multiple departments, and were also prone to "multiplerectifications" but not in place.

Inview of this, Dalian Free Trade Area Planning and Construction Bureau and theFire Rescue Brigade of the Bonded Area, under the guidance of the MunicipalHousing and Construction Bureau and the Municipal Fire Rescue Detachment, havemade a full survey and policy evaluation to launch a sharing mechanism for"fire examination and approval, supervision and inspection". Specificallyspeaking, the two departments haveintegrated the fire acceptance inspection andthe fire safety inspection work before business opening within the scope oftheir respective duties for synchronous implementation and completion once forall, and jointly guided enterprises to rectify problems in time to ensure thatconstruction projectsare put into use on time.

Atthe same time, the Planning and Construction Bureau ofthe Areaalso shares with the Bonded Zone Fire Rescue Brigade the firecompletion acceptance filingand fire acceptance information for constructionprojects. According to these information, the district fire rescue brigadedefines the enterprise supervision scope, and those enterprises fallingunderlevel II listed units are included in the supervision of the Fire Rescue Brigade;thoseenterprises falling under level III listed units are transferred to the localpolice station for supervision, to realize closed-loop operation for "examinationand approval, inspection and supervision" effectively to eliminate thephenomenon of "out-of-control and absence in control", and also providea guarantee for strengthening enterprise fire safety management and fulfillingproperly the emergency rescue work in future.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will work with the fire departments to continuouslyoptimize the functions of examination and approval and supervision, acceleratethe realization of "mutual recognition among users" and"information sharing", and improve the speed of fire administrative examinationand approval for key projects and livelihood projects to forge a first-classbusiness environment.