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Saving 1,000 Hours for Enterprises Annually! Dalian Free Trade Area and Jinpu Customs Having Initiated a New Emergency Supervision Mode of “Three Items for Mutuality and One for Coordination” in China

Onthe morning of June 28, a joint inspection team formed by the law-enforcingpersonnel from the Law Enforcement Bureau of Dalian Free Trade Area for ComprehensiveSupervision and JinpuCustoms came to Haier’sair-conditioner factory in Dalian andHolophane (Dalian) Lighting ProductsCo., Ltd. for work safety inspection, whichmainly coveredmore than 40 items in such six aspects as safety managementsystem, working environment, equipment and goods, etc.For a period less thanone morning, the inspection to the two enterprises was over. "In the past,the two departments conducted separate inspections and enterpriseshad to spenda lot of time inreception. An inspection like this greatly reduces the burden ofenterprises." The enterprise principals said.

Itis known that in the special customs supervision areas, both the localemergency management department and customs department need to strengthen dailysupervision to enterprises by going to enterprisesfor risk screening and safetyinspection regularly. Due to inspection overlapping, it is easy to have such aproblem as repeated law enforcement by multiple departments at multiple levels,not only resulting in limited efficiency, but also increasing the comprehensivecost of enterprises. At the same time, the independent supervision and lawenforcement by various departments is not conducive to the formation of aresultant forcefor supervision to and law enforcement againstsuch illegal actsas evasion and omission of inspection,falsityand concealment of reporting, etc.,and it is easy for blind supervision spots to come into existence.

Inview of this situation, Dalian Free Trade Area and Jinpu Customs, starting fromthe requirements of strengthening supervision during and after an event and accordingto the work reality of both sides, have initiated a new emergency supervisionmode of "information exchange, mutual recognition of supervision, mutualassistance in law enforcement, coordinated response", namely, "three itemsfor mutualityand one for coordination". On June 28, the Law EnforcementBureau of Dalian Free Trade Area for Comprehensive Supervision and JinpuCustoms signed a memorandum of cooperation and held a press conference tointroduce relevant measures.


TheLaw Enforcement Bureau of Dalian Free Trade Area for Comprehensive Supervisionand Jinpu Customs have realized mutual exchange and sharing of such informationas entry of dangerous chemicals of the enterprises under supervision, creditrating, existing risks and hidden dangers, enterprise work safetymanagementlevel, etc. At the same time, the Area has invited Jinpu Customs to join theSafety Commission for both sides to discuss work safety regularly throughestablishing a normalized joint meeting mechanism, a day-to-day contact system.Both sides will actively explore the application of the “Internet+” technologyto build a visualized information sharing platform,so that informationinteraction becomes more intuitive and efficient.

Mutualrecognition of supervision

Bothsides have reachedan equivalent agreement in respect of identification of enterprisedangerous chemicals, enterprise work safety standardization level, etc. Inrelevant businesses, such facilitations as procedure simplification, trustsupervision, etc. are provided to those enterprises for which mutualrecognition is completed by both sides, who will also activelyexplore the in-depthcooperation based on the AEO certification system to provide better servicesfor those enterprises high in work safety management level and good in creditto help them better integrate into domestic and international double cycle.

Mutualassistance in law enforcement

Bothsides, according to the characteristics of enterprises, select and assign professionallaw enforcement personnel and work safety experts to share law enforcementequipment and conduct work safety inspections jointly,with joint punishments giventoillegal acts in work safety. The joint law enforcement and inspection leadsto a reduction from four times of inspection reception to one time for eachenterprise annually to effectively improve the efficiency of supervision, solvethe problem of repeated law enforcement by multiple departments at multiplelevels and save nearly 1,000 hours spent in inspection receptionby theenterprises in the Comprehensive Bonded Zoneeach year.


Bothsides have jointly established a coordinated response mechanism for emergencies,perfected the emergency response plan, strengthened the coordinated linkagesystem for emergency response and jointly organized an emergency handling teamto enhancethe emergency handling ability.

Thisnew supervision mode hasnot only effectively reduced the burden of enterprises,but also eliminated the blind spots of supervision among the departments to forma resultant supervision force of 1+1 >2 tobe helpful to strengthen thesafety supervision to enterprises, especially the safety control of dangerouschemicals. Next, Dalian Free Trade Area and Jinpu Customs,in the meanwhile ofstrictly adhering to the red line of work safety, will continue to perfect andinnovate the emergency supervision mechanism to achieve the combination of governmentstreamlining and power delegation, so that supervision "bothers nothing withoutany cause" and "is present everywhere". At the same time, trans-departmentalcomprehensive supervision, “Internet + supervision” and classified supervisionto credit risks will be deeply promoted to improve supervision accuracy andeffectiveness and help the Area to develop in a safe and high-quality manner.