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Good News ofBusiness Solicitation and Investment Attraction in Dalian Free Trade Area Having Come One after Another An Investment Project by Another Enterprise among World Top 500 Having Landed Formally

Notlong ago, Trafigura-Liaogang International Trade(Liaoning) Co., Ltd.,incorporated jointly by the global bulk commodity trading giant Singapore TrafiguraGroupand Liaoning Port Group was officially registered in Dalian Free Trade Areawith RMB 400 million yuan paid up as registered capital(including USD 31million paid up by the foreign party). This marks that another enterprise amongthe world top 500 invests for business in the hot land of Dalian Free TradeArea. In this year, this is the 20th investment project exceedingRMB 100 million yuan settling in the Area andthe 6th key foreigninvestment project. It is also another major breakthrough made by the Area inrespect of foreign business attraction and investment solicitation by overcomingthe epidemic influence.

Foundedin 1993, Singapore Trafigura Group is the third largest independent oil tradingcompany and the second largest independent non-ferrous concentrate tradingcompany in the world. In 2020, the total trade volume of Trafigura Group in oiland oil products reached 268 million tons with its business income up to USD 147billion, ranking 27thamong the world top 500 in Fortune.

Thetotal registered capital ofTrafigura-Liaogang International Trade(Liaoning)Co., Ltd. is RMB 1 billion yuan with each of both parties holding 50% shares.The jointventure will give full play to the advantage of Trafigura Group ininternational oil mining resources and operating experience and that ofLiaogang Group in logistics and warehousing facilities as well as that of theFree Trade Area in policies, location and industries to engage in crude oil,finished oil, fuel oil and LNG import and export trade, settlement, supplychain financial service, etc. Relying on the great influential power of TrafiguraGroup and the Business Solicitation Bureau Group, the parent company ofLiaogang Group, that project will greatly upgrade the development energy levelof Dalian Free Trade Area in the oil and gas trade industry, drive the importand export trade and promote innovative demonstration zone construction infuture.

Fromthe beginning of this year, all in the Area have been energizing theentrepreneurial spirit, cohering mind and energy to work fast.Ina heavyatmosphere of focusing on business solicitation and development promotion, therehas been a substantial increase in the number of projects, project quality and projectinvestment amount in comparison with that of last year. In the first half of thisyear, all business solicitation and investment attraction indicators of the Areahave reached a double "over half" level, of which the foreigninvestment that is in place is estimated to be USD 51.53 million, fulfilling 51.54%of the annual target with a year-on-year increase of 134.22%; the funds from theoutside of the province that are in place are estimated to be RMB 5.427 billionyuan, fulfilling 72% of the annual target with a year-on-year increase of 75.5%;thefunds from the inside of the province that are in place are estimated to be RMB3.096 billion yuan, fulfilling 154.8% of the annual target with a year-on-yearincrease of 8,047%.

Activedocking, advanced service, carrier erection, mechanism innovation...... DalianFree Trade Area, with firm enterprise investment confidence, has achieved a"Free Trade Area running speed" inbusiness solicitation andinvestment attraction. In the following work, it will also continue to planfrom a high position and make great efforts to implement to focus on the businesssolicitation work with a greater determination and a stronger force, activelycontribute to helping the"two-first area" construction andhigh-quality development of Dalian in the new era.