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“All-in-one E-station” Having Come! Application for Civic Installation Saying Goodbye to Running About

Inorder to further promote the reform of "streamlining government, delegatingpower, optimizing service", optimize the business environment for theenterprises in Dalian Free TradeAreato enjoy a nanny-likeservice,the Planning and Construction Bureau of the Area has coordinated with the professional companies for electric power, tap water,heat, gas, etc. in Jinpu New District to launch an installation applicationplatform called"all-in-one E-station of Dalian Free Trade Area for civic installation application(for water, electric power, gas, heat)"to provide a "green service channel"in respect of civic installationapplication for enterprises.

Inthe past, enterprises, in the process of installation application for water,electric power, gas and heat, needed to go to the windowsof the professional service companies for electric power, tap water, heat,etc.first to submit corresponding installation application form. Because theoffices of such companies were distributed in a scattered manner, enterprisesneeded a lot of manpower and time costs. At the same time, most of suchprofessional service companies received the installationapplication of an enterpriseonly after a project obtaineda planning permit. Due to the supporting constructionof water and electric power requiring a certain period, some projects failedtoput the supporting facilities of water and electric power in place after completion,withtheirnormal production affected.

Andnow, through the "all-in-one E-station of Dalian Free Trade Area for civic installation application(for water, electric power, gas, heat)",enterprises, after obtaining land certificate, can submit directly the electricpower, tap water, gas, heat demand information for construction process tocorresponding professional service companies toestablish a direct contact withthem, who, after receivingany information from the platform, immediatelyarrange their service secretaries within 1hour to contactwith the enterprises to understand their needs for door-to-door service. Theprofessional companies will also keep on updating the progress of a project forenterprises to check on the platform at any time.

Inaddition, the submission of an installation application for water, electricpower, gas orheatin the "all-in-one E-station of Dalian Free TradeArea for civicinstallation application(for water, electric power, gas, heat)" canrealize synchronous examination and approval, parallel processing and at thesame time, a customized service for "examination and approval processcompression to the simplest, material submission compression to the minimum,processing time compression to the shortest" is provided to the enterprisesin the Area.The time for enterprises to apply for civic facilities installationhas beencompressed from 20 days previously to 2 hours now, truly realizing "nomeeting for examination and approval, no running for a single time".

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will continue to deepencommunication and cooperation with State Grid Dalian Power Supply Company DevelopmentZone Branch, State GridDalian Power Supply Company Jinzhou Branch, Detai Tap WaterCompany, Dalian Tap Water Company Jinzhou Branch, Jinpu Thermal Power Group andChina Resources Gas Company, further simplify the work process, exploretheseamless linking of "all-in-one E-station of Dalian Free Trade Area for civic installation application(for water, electricpower, gas, heat)"with the existing " joint examination and approvalplatform of Dalian for construction projects", innovatethe examination andapproval service mode, and build a business environment tobe friendly and favorable.