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National First! Dalian Free Trade Area Implementing Food Operation Classification Commitment System

Daysago, Liaoning Shengqianghan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., a food wholesaleenterprise,by having a letter of commitment for food operation (food sales)generated automatically through the legal person space of Dalian Free Trade Area,handled and obtained a food business license on thespot, and was included in the level II food risk supervision system.

Sucha fast work process is due to the new measure of "food operationclassification commitment and supervision by levels" launched for thefirst time by Dalian Free TradeArea in China. Witha notification commitment system being implemented for the examination andapproval of food operation (food sales) (except for selling pre-packaged foodonly),enterprises only need to log in the legal person space of Dalian Free Trade Area and check the main business form and business typethereofunder the food operation commitment module forthe system to automaticallygenerate the conditions necessary for an operator. After passing legal person(operator) certification and electronic signature, a commitment letter isgenerated online. An operator only needs to submit an application and thelayout, operating process sketch of its business premises and main equipmentand facilities to apply for a food business license on the spot. In comparisonwith the legal examination and approval time limit, 20 days are saved.

Atthe same time, the system can immediately notify relevant supervision staffbymobile phone at the first time to check the commitment of an enterprise. If itis found that the actual situation of an applicant is not consistent with thecontent of its commitment, the same will be required to rectify as scheduled;if relevant conditions are still not met after rectification, the decision ofadministrative examination and approval will be revoked by law and thenotification commitment examination and approval method will not apply to the sameadministrative examination and approval application of the applicant thereafter.

Afterexamination and approval, enterprisesare divided into three-levelsupervision typesaccording to the operation modes offood operators. The retail enterprises are under"level III" supervision, which is made through daily supervision andinspection, self-inspection report, random inspection and other forms; the wholesaleenterprises are under "level II" supervision, which is made throughrandom inspection to warehouse, joint inspection witha third party and otherforms; the online sales enterprises are under "level I" supervision, whichis made through "double random" inspection and other forms to confirmif an enterprise is operating normally. For food sellers applying for onlinesales only in an application withno physical stores, the address of externalwarehouse is not required.

Inorder to deepen the reform of certificate and license separation and strengthensupervision during and after an event, Dalian Free TradeArea adheres to thesynchronous innovation of examination and approval and supervision. The newmeasure of "food operation classification commitment and supervision bylevels" put the effective supervision forces into the business forms withhigh risks. At the same time, the enterprises only selling through network nolonger feel embarrassment because of the registered address of warehouse, withno warehouse having to be leased only for registration and left idle in theprocess of operation, and a lot of operating costs saved for enterprises.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will focus on institutionalinnovation to further integrate resources, optimize the process, strengthen thecooperation among various departments, improve the work efficiency, andcontinue to improve the business environment of the Area.