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No Running for a Single Time! Dalian Free Trade Area Having Taken the Lead in the Country to Launch “Very Simple Processing” for Annual Checking to Publication Distribution Units

Inorder to further deepen the reform for streamlining government, delegatingpower, optimizing service andforge a first-class businessenvironment, Dalian Free TradeAreahas taken thelead in the country to launch a very simple process for annual checking to publicationdistribution units to simplify the materials to be checked, compress thechecking time through such innovative measures as"online processing","processing in a very simple manner", "changing from checkingstamp to annual checking label", etc. to truly realize no running for annualchecking.

Inthe past,an enterprise accepting annual checkinghad to fill out information firstin the annual checking registration system for national distribution units, andthen carrythe paperwork to the competent authorities forchecking and seal affixing.Due to the paperwork being muchandthe preparatory work beingtedious, it took 5 working days on average from submission for review to checkingcompletion.Sometimes,as the paperwork was incomplete or wrong, an enterprisealso had to go to the site repeatedly for submission to increase the time and travelcost greatly. In view of this situation, Dalian Free TradeAreahas taken thelead in the country to launch a very simple process for annual checking topublication distribution units.

        “Online processing” means

Allare released on web, including the scope of application for annual checking, paperworkspecification and service process for national distribution units. Anenterprise may log in the official website of Dalian Free Trade Area, download the list in the "annual checking"module, and fill out the "Annual Checking Registration Form forDistributionUnits" on web according to relevant prompts for the staff of the Area to review online.

        “Processing in a very simple manner”means

Anenterprise passing the review toAnnual Checking Registration Form forDistributionUnitsonly has to submit in the form of photo Self-inspection ReportforDistributionUnits, with the submission of the permitfor publication operation, businesslicense, filing receipt copy, website homepage screenshot and other informationalready in possession bythe government and made public on webby enterprises nolonger needed, which will be calleddirectly by the reviewing authority throughthe enterprise registration system and website to reduce the burdens ofenterprises.

        “Changing from checking stamp to annualchecking label” means

Withthe “checking stamp” being innovatively changed to “annual checking label” forannual checking, an enterprise, after passing checking online, will have an “annualchecking label” sent thereto by the competent authority of the Area for the same to stick onto the registration form and permit. The annualchecking label in lieu of checking stamp has the equal effect. An enterprise nolonger has to take the registration form and permit passing checking to thegovernmental authorities for affixing stamps to truly realize no running forenterprise annual checking, especially under the background of epidemic controlbeing in a normalized state, this avoids face-to-face business handling withthe overall time taken for processing being shortened greatly.                          

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will, on basis of optimizing andstreamliningthe process, explore the implementation of “credit management bylevels and categories” to the enterprises engaging in publication distribution.Forenterprises with high credit rating,a commitment system can be implementedtoexempt paperworkreviewfor the sameto pass annual checking only byfilling outthe information in the annual checking registration system for national distributionunits.For enterprises with low credit rating, a review will be made accordingto relevant regulations with daily supervision to bestrengthened.