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Jintai Coating Project Having Landed The Hydrogen Energy Industry Gathering Faster in Dalian Free Trade Area

Daysago, the JintaiNanocoating Project invested for construction by Dalian JintaiZhengxinTechnology Co., Ltd. landed in Dalian Free Trade Area formally. With a totalinvestment of RMB 30 million yuan and covering 3,750 square meters, the projectmainly engages in the R&D of high-performance coating technology forhydrogen energy battery pole panel surface, the R&D of the coatingtechnology for the safety system of a nuclear power station and the productionof high-temperature resistant thick film for aircraft engine blades. Thisproject will further promote the development of the hydrogen energy industry inthe Free Trade Area and help the transformation and upgrading of the equipmentmanufacturing industry.

Foundedin 1999,Dalian JintaiZhengxin Technology Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in materialsurface modification R&D and production, can customize different surfacemodification schemes according to different market requirements. Thehigh-performance coating technology of the enterprise for hydrogen energybattery pole panel surface is taking up a leading position domestically. This technology,which makes it possible to produce a current-conducting coating bonding moredensely with the base material with a smaller resistance, plays an importantrole in the R&D and production of hydrogen energy batteries. There will beenormous economic benefits as a result of its promotion and application.

DalianFree Trade Area, in consideration of a series of problems faced by the project,such as land, planning, etc., opened a green channel to “deliver to the door”accurate services and ensure the smooth landing of the project. It is expectedthat there will be an increase in output value by RMB 50 million yuan after theproject reaches its production capacity. 

Sincelast year, Dalian Free Trade Area, according to the development plan for thehydrogen energy industry and taking projects as guide, has formulated theAction Plan of Dalian Free Trade Area for Hydrogen Energy IndustrialDevelopment to sort out the hydrogen energy industrial chain, plan hydrogenenergy industrial projects, focus on developing hydrogen energy equipment, fuelcells, hydrogen energy application and other fields. With a number of keyprojects concluding contracts, landing, commencing construction, completing andbeing put into production, includingHydrogen Energy Industrial Park, GuochuangHydrogen Energy, Hydrogen Energy Bus Demonstration Operation, Hydrogen Energy ProductR&D Test Center, Sinopec Hydrogen Fueling Station, Chuangwei Hydrogen EnergyTraction Motor and BoaoPreciseHydrogen Energy Engine Parts, etc.,Dalian FreeTrade Area has initially built an ecological chain for the hydrogen energyindustry, with the hydrogen energy industrial agglomeration development trend cominginto shapemore rapidly.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will give full play to the policy superpositionadvantage of pilot free trade zone and national independent innovationdemonstration zone to build a "double self-linkage" developmentpattern, constantly amplify the policy integration effect, promote the rapid development of the hydrogen energy industry, andkeep on moving forward to the goal of building a national first-class hydrogenenergy industrial base.