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Docking “Double-carbon Strategy” First and Trying First to Promote Green Development – Dalian Free Trade Area Joining Hands with Sinopec to Take Lead in Laying out Hydrogen Energy Industry

Afterthe landing of a series of hydrogen energy industrial projects, including 20hydrogen fuel cell buses being put into service, the "Hydrogen Energy ProductR&DTest Center" co-built with enterprises, the carbon-neutralapplication scene demonstration base commencing for construction, etc.,Sinopec HaimingComprehensive Energy Fueling Station was formally put into operation in DalianFree Trade Area on July 23.This is another specific measure of Dalian joininghands with Sinopec to practice the national "double-carbon strategy",and promote industrial innovation and development, andsimultaneously, it isalso a vivid practice for implementing the document spirits of the eightministries and commissions of the Central Party Committee at a high standard,adhering to ecological priority and promotingthe green development of the Area.

HaimingComprehensive Energy Fueling Station, commencing construction on Mar. 30 thisyear, is located in Huanpu Industrial Park, Ershilipu, with construction landof 6,529 sq. m., integrating the functions of hydrogen fueling, oil fueling,LNG fueling, comprehensive service, charging, etc., including 5 buried storagetanks, 4 gasoline and diesel oil filling machines, 1 hydrogen storage tank, 2hydrogen fueling machines, 1 LNG storage tank, 2 LNG fluid fueling machines, 6charging piles, being the second comprehensive energy fueling station for “oil,gas, hydrogen, electricity, service” constructed by Sinopec domestically.

Inrecent years, Dalian Free Trade Area, relying on the advantage of Sinopec intechnology, platform and resources and giving full play to the policy advantageof starting and trying first, has been insisting on the important means ofhydrogen energy development for the transformation and upgrading of the oldindustrial base for reviving, identified the hydrogen energy developmentposition as “one port, one park, one zone”, formulated the Plan ofDalian FreeTrade Area for Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035), included the hydrogenenergy industrial development in the “14th 5-year” Plan Program forthe Area, revised the Action Plan of Dalian Free Trade Area for Hydrogen EnergyIndustrial Development, fixed hydrogen energy equipment, fuel cell, hydrogenenergy application, etc. as the fields for focal development, established aspecialized group for hydrogen energy industrial development to plan as a wholethe promotion of the key hydrogen energy projects over the Area, parkconstruction, demonstration application and other work, invited the expertsfrom Sinopec to develop such enterprise standards as the Safety and TechnicalSpecification for Hydrogen Fueling Stations, All-in-one Stations for Oil, Gasand Hydrogen, etc. to ensure industrial development to be up to standard andsafe. With a series of key projects concluding contracts, landing, commencingconstruction, completing and being put into production successively, includingthe Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park, Guochuang Hydrogen Energy, SinopecHydrogen Fueling Station, Linde Equipment for Hydrogen Fueling Stations,Chuangwei Hydrogen Energy Traction Motors and Boao Precise Hydrogen EnergyEngine Parts, etc., Dalian Free Trade Area has initially built a hydrogenenergy eco-chain consisting of hydrogen generation, hydrogen energy equipmentmanufacturing, hydrogen fuel cell and supporting spare parts, integral hydrogenfuel cell vehicles, hydrogen energy distribution power supply, hydrogen energytechnological R&D and testing, etc., with the hydrogen energy industrialgathering driving on the “fast lane”.                        

Accordingto relevant principal of Dalian Free Trade Area for hydrogen energy projects,the Area will adhere to the new development philosophy, properly implement thedocument spirits of the eight ministries and commissions of the Central PartyCommittee, join hands with Sinopec in laying out the hydrogen energy industrialchain in an all-round manner, rely on such scientific research institutions as DalianInstitute of Chemical Physics to do technical researches, tackle key problemsand make product R&D for the hydrogen energy industry, forge with fullefforts and promote in synergy a demonstration model zone with high-qualityeconomic development and ecological environment protection at a high level.