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Door-to-Door “Consultation”,Reservationfor Customized Service The New Mode of Dalian Free Trade Area for Serving Enterprises Promoting Engineering Project Construction

Daysago, the relocation route for the original poles within the redline of ShengheQingguNewFactory Building Project land was determined formally to be only 6 days awayfrom project land delisting. Such a high efficiency results from the newservice mode as “taking the initiative to make a door-to-door consultation” and“reservation for customization” as launched by Dalian Free Trade Area.          

Inorder to implement the construction project approval system reform, constantlyoptimize the business environment, the planning and construction department of DalianFree Trade Area has actively docked with more than ten professional companiesincluding Dalian Development Zone Power Supply Company, Jinzhou Power SupplyCompany, Detai Water Supply Company, Jinzhou Water Supply Company, Fuyou HeatSupply Company, etc., and led in forming a construction project service group.Every Tuesday and Thursday are fixed as the enterprise service days, on whichinitiative is taken to make a door-to-door "consultation" to helpenterprises solve problems as may be encountered in construction process. It isthrough this service measure that the ShengheQingguProject took fewer detoursand shortened the construction period.

Simultaneously,in order to promote key projects into early landing and commencement forconstruction, the planning and construction department has also launched “reservationfor customized service”. A project construction unit can make a priorreservation according to the actual need for handling construction project procedures,the planning and construction department arranges special service personnel tomake use of Saturday and Sunday to handle various planning, constructionprocedures for the construction unit. “Haiming Comprehensive Energy SupplyStation” under Sinopec North Energy Company is a key project enjoying thisservice the earliest. The service personnel helped the enterprise settleeverything needing improvement before the general drawings were submitted forapproval. As a result, the planning permit was obtained for the project 5 daysearlier.

Theconstruction project examination and approval system reform, as an importantdecision made by the Central Party Committee and State Council under the newsituation, is an important content of promoting government functiontransformation and deepening the reform of “delegating power, streamlininggovernment, optimizing service”, optimizing the business environment. The Area,by focusing the whole process of construction project examination and approvalto implement door-to-door “consultation” and “reservation for customized service”,has realized the change from “enterprise visit for handling affairs” to “door-to-doorservice by government” to result in a substantial construction efficiencyimprovement and affirmation by parties involved in projects.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will also continue to sort the painful and difficultpoints in respect of construction project examination and approval, includingplanning permit, joint examination and approval, engineering construction,etc., launch new service modes constantly, continue to explore in the processof promoting key projects into early landing and commencement for construction,further streamline examination and approval matters and conditions, upgradeexamination and approval efficiency to forge a first-class businessenvironment.