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RMB 12.6 billion yuan! 20 Projects Having Signed Contract in a Centralized Manner! Good News Relative to Business Solicitation and Investment Attraction Coming from Dalian Free Trade Area Again!

Onthe morning of Aug. 31, 20 key projects with a total investment of RMB 12.6billion yuan were officially signed in the Promotion and Project Centralized SigningCeremony of the Special Industrial Innovation Section of Dalian Free Trade Area.Li Pengyu, Secretary of Dalian Standing PartyCommittee andJinpuNew District PartyWorking Committee, Chief of the Management Commission ofJinpuNew District, Secretaryof Jinzhou District Party Committee, Secretary of Dalian Free Trade AreaParty Committee,the leaders of the Management Commission ofDalian Free Trade Area, theprincipals of such financial institutions as China Construction Bank, PICC,etc., Dalian University and other universities and signing enterpriserepresentatives participated in the signing ceremony.

Inorder to seize the development “air opening”of strategic emerging industries,foster and strengthen "new brands", Dalian Free Trade Areahas recentlyreleased Special Industrial Innovation SectionConstruction Plan, with 15blockbuster policies launched, to focus on fostering innovative and entrepreneurialenterprises, promote the industrialization of innovation achievements, improvethe overallefficiency of the innovation chain, forgean innovative highland withinternationalcompetitivenessfor new energy, life and health, digital information andadvanced equipment manufacturing industries.

Agood nest attracts phoenix to perch on, butterflies come themselves due tofragrant flowers.Thanks to a series of supporting policies of the Special IndustrialInnovation Section and the perfect industrial supporting and continuouslyoptimized business environment of the area, a batch of key industrial projects,includingChina Resources Land Ltd.Wisdom Life Science Park, Sinopec Wind Power& PhotovoltaicPower Generation and Hydrogen Production, National Energy Group Distributed Photovoltaic,HualuDigital Energy Northern IndustrialBase, Harbin Institute of TechnologyRobotIntelligent Digital Industrial Park, Spain Mezolen Instrument, etc. have comeone after another toland at a faster speed.In the recent one month, there havebeen 32 key projects signing contracts, including those signing contracts onthe spot, with a total investment of nearly RMB 20 billion yuan.The vastmajority of these projects,with key core technologies and R&D andinnovation capability, highlight the magnetic attraction effect of the SpecialIndustrial Innovation Section, and arealso the concentrated embodiment of the businesssolicitation achievements of the Free Trade Zone around the Special Industrial InnovationSection.

Inaddition to industrial projects, some financial cooperation projects, such asChina Construction Bank cooperation project, China People's Insurance cooperationproject, etc. were also signed at the ceremony.China Construction Bank DalianBranch will grant credit of RMB 10 billion yuanto Dalian Free Trade Area tosupport the construction of the Special Industrial Innovation Section throughinnovative financing; PICC Property Insurance Ltd., China Life InsuranceCompany Limited andChinese People Health Insurance Limited will cooperate withthe area to upgrade the insurance supply level, promote the rapid developmentof modern insurance service industry and improve financial ability to serve thereal economy.

Sincethis year, Dalian Free Trade Area, in accordance with the overall requirementof the Municipal Party Committee and Government for "putting the promotionof major projects and effective investment and construction in a more importantposition", has been adopting big tactics,taking practical measures tosolicit businesses that are big, sound and excellent to the world withanindustrial space of substantial contents, a distinctive industrial system, policiesfinancially favoring enterprises and a long-term sound business environment, resultingina series of hardcore measures depressingthe fast forward buttonfor the annualbusiness solicitation. By the end of July, 34 various projects had been signed,with a total investment of RMB 16.5 billion yuan; 27 key projects for more thanRMB 100 million yuan each had landed, with a total investment of RMB 11.2billion yuan; 57 various projects are under construction, with a totalinvestment of RMB 15.8 billion yuan.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will continue to be dragged by the dragonheadenterprises, center on the industrial chain and innovation chain, give play tothe first go and first advantage of thepilotfree trade zones, constantly driveindustrial innovation through system innovation, drive the high-quality developmentof the local economy with industrial innovation, and create a new pattern of"a demonstrationzone for revitalizingnortheastern China"ina manner of "scrambling", "contending"and with a "new"horizon.