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The Magnetic Attraction Effect Continues! Another Key Project Having Landed in the Special Industrial Innovation Section of Dalian Free Trade Area

Recently,an environmental protection equipment project invested for constructionby Daao(Dalian) Automobile Co., Ltd. has landed inthe Special Industrial InnovationSection of Dalian Free Trade Area. As another important project having landedsince the implementation of Construction Plan of Dalian Free Trade AreaforSpecial Industrial Innovation Section, it adds new power for the developmentand growth of the advanced equipment manufacturing industrial cluster in the area.

Daao(Dalian) Automobile Co., Ltd. is engaged in production of a variety ofenvironmental protection equipment, processing of auto part product coating.Theadvanced technologies developed independently by the enterprise, such assinking anode electroplating tank, bridge crane hook automatic water pouringdevice and online water recycling environmental protection equipment, etc., haveoptimized the production process, further improved the product performance, anddeveloped rapidly in the fields of environmental protection equipment representedby wastewater treatment and coating part production process.In order to seizethe market opportunity, the company decided to further expand the productioncapacity, and made a final decision to have the new environmental protectionequipment project landed under the attraction of a series of supporting andincentive policies of the Special Industrial Innovation Section ofDalian FreeTrade Area.With a total investment of RMB 150 million yuan and covering an areaof 26,000 square meters,the new project mainly carries out environmentalprotection equipment production for sewage treatment and waste gas treatmentand auto part surface treatment, with an estimated annual output value of RMB 300million yuan.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will continue to adhere to the newdevelopment philosophy, focus on new technologies, new business forms and newmodes, center on the construction of the Special Industrial Innovation Section,give play to the first go and first try advantage of the pilot free trade zones,constantly drive industrial innovation through system innovation, forgeaninnovation high land withinternational competitiveness for advanced equipmentmanufacturing, new energy, life and health, digital information industries, andpromote the high-quality development of Dalian Free Trade Area.