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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Innovatively Launched the First Domestic Multimodal New Mode of Railway Open Top Container "Train + Liner"

Onthe morning of Sept. 8, the siren of "JilongIsland" Ship was soundedinDalian Port forthe first batch of 20 railway open top containers loaded with35 tons of fine corns (hereinafter referred to as the "open top container")shipped from Dehui, Jilin Province to start for Yantai, Shandong Province afterthe drop and pull ro-ro ship loading operation.This marks that the firstdomesticmultimodal new modeof railway open top container "train +liner" forged innovatively by Dalian Free Trade Areahand in hand with DalianPort went into operation formally.

Thismode innovatively adoptsthe form of drop and pullro-ro transportation by open topcontainer "train + liner".The first batch of open top container goodswas transported toDalian port by railway fordrop and pull ro-ro loading in thero-ropassenger terminal and then for shipping to the destination port by seatransportation, realizing "no landing, zero waiting" for open topcontainers.The time taken to transport the northeasternquality grain and oil tothe regions in East China like Shandong is shortened from the past 10 days to thecurrent 5 days.This becomesa new practice of Dalian Free Trade Area in servingthe "double cycle" new development pattern and forginga ro-ro pivotalport circling BohaiSea.

Asa kind of special container larger than standard container, the open top container,withsuchadvantages as fast loading and unloading, reducing cargo loss and saving manpower,takes into account the advantages of open car and container concurrently.However, in transporting through the traditional way, there are still such deficienciesas limited transportation space and longer logistics cycle.Recently, with largero-ropassenger ships being put into service, the total loading line length andcargo carrying capacity of Dalian Port has significantly improved to providethe possibility for cross-sea ro-ro transportation with open top containers inlarge quantities.

Thenew transport mode of "train + liner" has such significantadvantagesas fast turnover speed, high transport quality, low logistics cost,etc.Extending the transport business hinterland from South Liaoning to thewhole northeastern area of China, and building a major multimodal logisticschannel with Dalian port as the core, running fromsouth to north andconnecting landand sea provides a brand new logistic choice for collecting and distributing suchbulk commodities as grain in the northeastern hinterland.

ZhangGeng, Deputy General Manager of Dalian Port Passenger Transport Corporation,said: "This project makes it possible for open topcontainers to go into “sea” in large quantities.We will summarize experienceand practices, improve channel construction, optimize the service links, givefull play to the internal introduction and external connection role of portenterprises in serving regional development, and inject new impetus for theconstruction of Dalian international shipping center in Northeast Asia and therevitalization and development of the old industrial base in Northeast China.”