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Dalian Free Trade Area Using the New Mode of “Cloud Transformation” of State-owned Enterprises to Promote State-owned Capital to Become Stronger, Better and Larger

Inorder to follow through the important instruction spirit of General SecretaryXi Jinping about the promotion of digital economy and real economy forintegrated development, implement the requirements as set forth by SASAC in theNotice about Promoting Digitalized Transformation Work for State-ownedEnterprises More Rapidly, Dalian Free Trade Area is promoting Bingshan Group, astate-owned enterprise, for digitalized transformation more rapidly byutilizing the “5G+AR”technology in erecting a new application scenario andlaunching the new mode of “cloud management” to internal control, “cloudsensing” to failures, “cloud maintenance” to equipment for state-ownedenterprises to realize “cloud transformation”. This is anotherinnovativemeasure launched by the state-owned enterprises in DalianFree Trade Areaafterless than two years succeeding the launching of the characteristic cases ofopening up a new way in “Bingshan mode” for mixed ownership reform to thestate-owned enterprises in the old industrial base in Northeast China whichwere chosen by the Ministry of Commerce as the best practical cases nationwide.This will be bound to enhance the competitiveness, innovation, control andrisk-resisting capabilities of the state-owned enterprises, and promotestate-owned capital to become stronger, better and larger.     

       Why the new mode of “cloud transformation” is a new mode

       1. “Cloud management” to internal control, forge intelligent digital plant

Byapplying the information technologies of a new generation, such as 5G, cloudcomputing, etc., build a digital management platform suitable for businesscharacteristics and development needs, forge intelligent digital plant, promotethe state-owned enterprises to turn from “manufacturing” to “intelligentization”.Through a mobile terminal system, wirelessly interconnect ERP enterpriseresources plan, MES manufacturing execution, CRM digital marketing system, etc.to drive SCM supplier channels, PLM product cycle management, SW 3D coordinateddesign, FMS flexible manufacturing, EMS plant energy management and otherfull-process systems to get integrated to realize integrated network managementto visualized product 3D design, intelligentized manufacturing and refinedinternal control.              

       2. Failure “cloud sensing”, realizing efficient and accurate protection

Tosolve such problems as sudden failure during equipment operation, low product servicelife, high energy consumption, long operationmaintenance response timeeffectiveness, etc., use infrared imaging technology to transmithigh-definition video and infrared imaging video of remote equipment in areal-time manner for real-time safety alarm; make an analytical comparison offront equipment data with standard data through the equipment monitoring systemautomatically to sense the external work environment, diagnose equipment healthcondition, provide such “one-to-one”customized service as pushing early warninginformation, presenting failure solutions, preparing maintenance parts,etc.  

       3. Equipment “cloud maintenance”, science and technology enables remoteoperationmaintenance

Bywearing “AR” glasses by workers on site and with the aid of 5G networkreal-time transmission, experts own the first visual angle for site in thecircumstance of remote “zero contact” to find machine problems quickly forsimultaneous screenshot and indication, real-time interaction with workers onsite and guiding to complete installation or repairing. As a result, the problemthat customers are located over the country and equipment servicemen are few issolved.    

       What about the effect of the new mode of “cloud transformation”

       1. Realize business mode remolding

       As of the end of 2020, remote service was rendered for more than 100 domesticand foreign large enterprises to complete the business mode remolding from thetraditional producers and manufacturers to serving manufacturers, realize theextensions of  industrial chain and valuechain, forge a virtuous industrial ecological environment integratinginnovation vitality, service capability, management efficiency anddiversifiedparticipation. Due to the new mode of “cloud transformation”, the businessincome of the enterprise in the first half of 2021 grew comparably by 11%. InSept., the platform was selected as a provincial level industrial internet platformto be cultured focally in Liaoning Province.  

       2. Raise work safety management capability level

Throughremote equipment operation maintenance, failure foreseeing and safety earlywarning, enterprise production safety supervision turns from post-event passivedisposing to pre-event monitoring and prevention with all-weather and full-areadaily safety monitoring to production environment realized. As a result, theenterprise online equipment failure handling efficiency is 50% up for the safeproduction work to be more scientific, systematic and foreseeable.    

       3. Reduce enterprise operation costs

Asa result of being unnecessary for technical experts to go between variousworksites and customer sites to give guidance to equipment installation andcommissioning and service to remote repairing, the problem that technicalexperts are unable to go to site for guidance is effectively solved to save1,200 man-hours for each expert annually and improve the work efficiencysignificantly.    

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will promote state-owned enterprises for digitalized transformationin an in-depth manner, give play to the industrial driving role of thestate-owned dragonhead enterprises, accelerate the promotion of the industrialchain upstream and downstream for digitalized upgrading of the whole chain inR&D, production, management and service, promote cross-enterprise cloudplatform coordination and cooperation to form a new industrial ecologicalcircles of integration, co-existence, complementation and reciprocity to openup a new high-quality development pattern for state-owned enterprises.