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Allying among Strong Enterprises The First Set of Product Having Been Delivered! The “Hydrogen”Pace in Dalian Free Trade Area Having Accelerated Again

Onthe morning of Sept. 17, Linde Hydrogen FillingStation Equipment (Dalian) Co.,Ltd.established by Linde,one of the world top 500 enterprises, hand in hand withDalian Bingshan Group held the ceremony for delivering the first set of productin DalianFree Trade Area, this marksthat the hydrogen energy equipment R&D and production technology level of Jinpu NewDistrict has entered into a new stage and will vigorously promote the hydrogen energy industrial cluster development.

Linde,asa worldleading gas and engineering company, serves a wide range of industrialend markets, including aerospace, chemical, electron, energy, etc. With 1,400gas process engineering patent applications, it has provided more than 4,600 setsof industrial gas installations to customers worldwide. In recent years, Linde,beingcommitted to becoming a partner for the development of Chinese hydrogen energy industry, has developed into a leadingforce in hydrogen production, transportation, storage and refilling, etc.

Asa leading enterprise in Chinesecoolingand air-conditioning industry, Bingshan Group, through 91 years of development,has taken the lead in establishing complete cooling and heating industrialchain, value chain and innovation chain in China by centering on industrial coolingand heating, air-conditioning and environment, commercial refrigeration and coldstorage, core components, biotechnology, local energy management and otherbusinesses.

Toseize the industrial opportunities under the"double carbon" strategy,aim at the first go and first try advantage and hydrogen energy industrialfoundation of DalianFree Trade Area, Bingshan Group and Linde jointlyregisteredLinde Hydrogen FillingStation Equipment (Dalian) Co., Ltd.  in the areaonSept. 25,2020, and underthe strong support of relevant departments of Jinpu New District, overcame the epidemicimpact to officially put it into production at the end of Mar. 2021.The first setof product delivered this time wasTWIN IC90/60 ion compressor unit, withahydrogen outlet pressure of 90MPa anda flow of 56kg/h,which was designed and manufactured according to relevant Korean standards andwould be sold to the Korean market. On the ceremonial spot,an official releasewas also made to Linde's hydrogen ion compressor technology with an in-depth introductionmade tothe local manufacturing capability and planning of the hydrogen fillingstation equipment.In future, Linde Hydrogen FillingStation Equipment (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. will introduce more product modelsto enrich the product portfolio,so as to meet the demands of the commercial vehicles for filling in the Chinesemarket.

Inrecent years, DalianFree Trade Area,regarding hydrogen energy as animportant new energy development direction with"one port, one park, one area" hydrogen energy industrial development positioningidentified, has formulatedthe Hydrogen EnergyIndustrialPlan ofDalianFree Trade Area(2021-2035) to include the hydrogenenergy industrial development in the"14th 5-year" planprogram of the area, revised the Hydrogen EnergyIndustrialDevelopment Action Plan of Dalian Free Trade Area toidentify the focal development of such fields as hydrogenenergyequipment, fuel cell, hydrogen energy application, etc. Centering on theconstruction of an industrial ecological circle, the area has strengthened business solicitation and investmentattraction forprojects enhancing, supplementing and extending the chains, andissued the Construction Plan forSpecial Industrial Innovation Sectionto give heavy rewards to key hydrogen energy industrial projects.

Witha number of key projects, includingGuochuang hydrogen energy, hydrogen energy busdemonstration operation, hydrogen energy product R&D testing center, Sinopechydrogen filling station, Chuangwei hydrogen energy traction motor,Boaoprecisionhydrogen energy engine components, etc.having signed contract and landed,commenced construction, completed and gone into production in succession under theattractionof policy guidance and industrial ecologysuperposition, a hydrogen energyindustrial agglomeration development trend is taking shape more rapidly.

Next,DalianFree Trade Area will further enlarge the magnetic attractioneffect of the special zone for industrial innovation, speed up the introductionof hydrogen energy industrial projects, give full play to the policy superpositionadvantage ofpilotfree trade zone and national independent innovationdemonstration zone, build an industrial ecological system integrating hydrogenenergy scientific research, incubation, manufacturing, demonstration,application and promotion and march toward the goal ofconstructinga nationalfirst-class hydrogen energy industrial base.