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Dalian Free Trade Area Having Completed the First Cross-border E-commerce B2B Export Order

OnSept. 24, 2021,under the concerted effort ofDalian Free Trade AreaManagement Commission,Dayaowan Customs, Dalian Port Container Development Co., Ltd. as well as AlibabaInternational Station,etc., the first order of cross-border e-commerce goodsdeclared for export under the 9710 mode in Dayaowan Port smoothly went throughthe customs clearance for shipmentto the destination by means of oceantransportation in the Container Terminal of Dalian Port. This marks the formallanding of cross-border e-commerce B2B export business in Dayaowan Port in DalianFree Trade Area.

Itis known that the cross-border e-commerce goods of this order are cleaningproducts produced by a local enterprise in Dalian. After the buyer and the sellerreached a trade agreement on the e-commerce platform of Alibaba InternationalStation, the goods were shipped to Nagoya, Japan through shipping containers.

Inrecent years, under the joint support of Dalian Free Trade Area ManagementCommission and Dayaowan Customs, Dalian Port Container Development Company hasbeen constantly innovating work measures to provide customers with high-qualityand convenient customs clearance conditions and logistics services.According toNo.47 Announcement of 2021 onCopying and Promoting in Nationwide Customs Cross-borderE-commerce Enterprise-to-Enterprise Export Regulation Pilot issued by theAdministration of Customs in June this year, the "9710" cross-bordere-commerce B2Bgoods for direct export can go through customs clearance for exportat all ports affiliated to Dalian Customs.Dalian Port Container DevelopmentCompany, byknowing relevant needs via Alibaba International Station, strivedtohave the cross-border e-commerce B2B export mode landed in Dalian Port as soonas possible, so as to create more time-saving and cost-saving export tradeopportunities for customers during the epidemic period.

Next,Dalian Free Trade Area will continue to create new business innovation modes,strengthen institutional innovation measures, rely on the integrated containertransport service network of Dayaowan Port, give play to the advantage of the shippinglogistics industry, continue to provide the cross-border e-commerce enterpriseswith one-stop global service covering transportation, warehousing, inspection,etc., help more enterprises to participate in the 9710 and 9810 cross-border e-commercemodes, etc., fully enjoy the policy dividend from this mode, add new power forestablishing a good policy environment, accelerating the agglomerationdevelopment of the cross-border e-commerce industry.