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Dalian Free Trade Area Promoting “Extremely Simplified” Quasi-business with “Examination and Approval” Digitalization

Daysago, Dalian TongyuanRixin Enterprise Service Co., Ltd. applied for "labordispatch permit" by logging ontothe "legal person space"toselect "labor dispatch"through "business qualificationmodule" to upload the capital verification report photos according to thesystem prompts for the system to automatically generate the labor dispatch permitapplication form, commitment of notification and other application materials,the legal representative of the company, by scanning the QR code and "signing"for confirmation, had the "labor dispatch permit" automatically addedto business qualification comprehensive certificate, the whole operationprocess only took about one minute.

OnAug. 17, 2021, Dalian Free Trade Area Administrative Examination and ApprovalBureau issued the first "food business license" by means of digitalizedexamination and approval. By Sept. 13, 2021, the digitalization of a total of fivequasi-business licenses, including "publication business license","small catering", "human resources", "foodoperation" and "labor dispatch",had been completed, with 22business licenses issued to enterprises according to their applicationby beingbased on the "legal person space" and through the "extremelysimplified" quasi-business examination and approval.

Sincethis year, Dalian Free Trade Area has been deeply promotingthe digitalizationof quasi-business examination and approval, striving to forge a "sandboxmode" for government services. Here, an applicant, instead of paperwork,only uses the Internet in submitting quasi-business application materials;onbasis of being paperless, no material is necessary exceptthe reports of review,evaluation and capital verification fromthe thirdparties forbeing paperless andsubmission free to come true. At the same time, the key contentsof theimportant documents on business license mattersare integrated in the"legal person space" as basic data elements for "one-time entryand multiple reuses"; during examination and approval, the system willautomatically generate the required documents after calling from the"legal person space" or direct data entry bythe applicant. Also,theexamination and approval result is incorporated into the "legal personspace" as basic data elements for granulation of matters relating to examinationand approval.

Inimplementing the "special action of Dalian for deepening city and area linkagein 2021", Dalian Free Trade Area,up to now, has introduced such innovativemeasures as digitization of quasi-business examination andapproval,"administrative confirmation system for enterprise registration" and"comprehensive certificate forbusiness qualification", etc. for thepurpose of constantly improving the gain of enterprises through "extremelysimplified" handling experience. Next, the area will continue to promotethe digitalization of examination and approval, construct a 5G smart hall at a highstandard, deepen the so-called government service function "all-in-oneinternet",comprehensively optimize the handling process, reconstruct the examination and approvalmode, promote service reform, andcontinuouslyforge a business environment being"convenient in handling, good in governing by law, strong in costcompetitiveness and ecologically livable".