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Champion of Asia Pacific! Dalian Free Trade Area Being Selected as One of the Global Best Free Trade Zones for the First Time

Recently,FDI Journal under the banner of the Financial Times, U.K., an authoritativeinternational organization, has released the ranking of the worldwide best freetrade zones in 2021.

Thisaward is an industrial honor that numerous international free trade zones paythe most attention to. Dalian Free Trade Area stood out from more than 70participating free trade zones around the world and wonthe third therein andthe champion in the Asia-pacific Region. At the same time, Dalian Free TradeArea won the best free trade zone for small- and medium-sized enterprises, the globalaward for high evaluation, the Asia Pacific Champion, the best free trade zonefor accountenterprises, the AsiaPacific award for high evaluation, the awardfor excellent infrastructure investment, and the honorable nomination award formarine economy.

Amongthe top 10 free trade zones this year, there are two Chinese free trade zones, ofwhichDalian Free Trade Area ranksthe third, Dubai DMCC Free Trade Zone ranks thefirst and Mauritius Free Trade Port ranks the second.

Thatselection through evaluation has lasted for nearly ten years with strongauthoritativeness and influence in the industry. The judging panel this time consistedof six experts and judges, including two professional judges from the FinancialTimes and four external independent judges. This review committee scored for differentaspects of the free trade zones, including support for the development of small-and medium-sizedenterprises, support for large project construction, pandemicresponse, infrastructure development, as well as sustainable development andenvironmental, social and business management (ESG) projects, etc.

       FDI Journal evaluates like this:

DalianFree Trade Area, as the largest free trade zone in northern China, has morethan 27,000 active small- and medium-sized enterprises. The area inherits thetradition of policy reform promotionand industrial innovation in China's pilotzonesfrom the 1980s. In terms of carbon emission reduction, Dalian Free TradeArea, relying on the layout of the hydrogen energy industrial park, follows thesteps of Chinese "2060 carbon neutral" strategy closely. In addition,the zone is transforming from export-oriented economy to "doublecycle", it has helpedChina Haier Refrigerators to turn from deficit toprofit. In 2020, under the impact of the epidemic, the output grew against thetrend, up by 37% year-on-year. In terms of infrastructures, it has completedthe upgrading of two comprehensive bonded zones, built the internationalconvention and exhibition center thereof, and will enjoy the dividendsdue tobeing adjacent toDalianNew Airport.